The Modern Parent

From the Facebook view of things, parenting seems to be a conglomerate of fun kiddy shenanigans — cute posts of adorably incorrect choices made by a cherub-faced child with scissors and newly cut (yet jagged) bangs; funny conversations had with a tween, and 2 a.m. “look how precious he/she is after he/she finally fell asleep” snapshots. Parenting may look like a breeze in social media, but they often omit the real moments of horror (“What did you do to my walls?!”), confusion (“How did you get your finger stuck in your overalls strap?”), and frustration (“If this grocery store tantrum goes on any further, I’m going to pull my hair out.”).


While social media posts are great for finding the humor in the situation, you still have to deal with the aftermath of the moment. Take, for example, how you still have to make a wholesome family meal after you’ve spent the day at the auto dealership because this tiny person snuck scissors into the car and shredded the seat belts.

Here are some of my favorite go-to sites for cheating time and diving into advanced dinner planning:

  1. Yummly:  Along with a recipe box, Yummly also categorizes your shopping list to get you through the grocery store even quicker. Great addition: All diet restrictions are considered.
  2. eMeals: Along with an organized grocery list, you’ll easily plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For those on a budget, you can see what items are on sale that week. (There are also options for paleo and vegetarian meals).
  3. Cozi: The app allows you to store recipes and apply the meal planning to the family calendar. Bonus: the shopping lists and a to-do lists can be shared with others.
  4. Menu Planner by Drew Mobility: Looking for a simpler solution? This app allows for daily and weekly meal planning options. You also have the ability to link with a particular chef for more meal ideas.


Okay, so it’s now the end of the day, the meals have been prepared and cooked, and the minors of the household are now in bed. Time for some quiet “me” time, am I right? There is an app for that. Grab your headphones, put your child’s monitor on video, and embark on some calming moments of peace and tranquility:

  1. Insight Timer: For both beginner and experienced meditators, enjoy the app’s guided meditation or adjust your Tibetan bell preferences and zone out to eight different styles of tones.
  2. Calm: The name says it all! There are 7-day, 10-day, and 21-day programs to help you gain calm in your life.
  3. Headspace: Take ten minutes out of your day to train and learn the foundation of meditation. Track your progress and learn of different ways to destress.

You are the modern parent hero! While social media posts help show the fun, adventurous sides of parenting, it’s your coordination of the many large and small details of every day that are truly noteworthy.

Have any tips, sites, or apps you wish to share? Please don’t hesitate to leave suggestions in the comments below! Share the wealth of knowledge.

Kaci Jones
Mod & Busy Parent

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