Reel FX and MMS make a video – “Rex” sings Justin Bieber

A few weeks ago we had asked the kiddos on Webosaurs Island to send in their questions for Webosaurs Art Director “Juiceking” to answer in a video. Juice and I (Rex) answered some of their questions on camera, and had a little fun in the process. It’s a bit long, but worth sticking through to the end. That is, if you want to see me doing an awful Justin Bieber impersonation.

No matter how much Webosaurs has grown, we’ve always tried to keep a close bond with the community. Rather than just presenting a product, we try to actively involve our kids in everything that we do to let them know that the continued growth and development of Webosaurs Island is not a one-way process.

Chase Straight

Manager, Youth Media

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