Celebrating Good Deeds in Social Media

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 3.46.55 PMOne thing a lot of companies are learning these days is how pervasive social media is as a “word of mouth” form of advertising: both good and bad. Some still make mistakes within Facebook comment threads or Twitter responses, but they’re always quick (often within hours) in learning how problematic such missteps can be….

People with heated complaints can attain instant visibility with platforms like Twitter and Facebook, especially with tools like hashtags, sharing, and group or friend tagging.  A complaint unattended by a brand in the digital frontier can be an instant pain point in a matter of minutes.

Most companies, with the support of marketing and social media partners, are learning to develop strong brand-to-audience engagement, and some companies now use social media to showcase their good deeds and positive community outreach.


For example, Taco Bell sent out vehicles to pick up Twitter-savvy folks and bring them to their local stores in order to be some of the first customers to try the Fiery Doritos® Locos TacosSamsung Canada responded to a fan’s cute plea for a phone with a custom device.

Taking positive steps and building relationships with active communities has continued to grow over the last few years for companies, but sadly these stories are can be considered rare when compared to the horror stories of digital interactions-gone-wrong.

The best advice is to consider your active users as brand ambassadors, and build expectations for your audience — what do you want your customers or community managers to feel after interacting with you, your brand, or your staff?  The best companies understand the tone of their product, the desires of their customers, and build a report that provides the best experience for first time interaction and long term customers, and then proudly showcase examples of interactions, from their own staff and shared from their customers.

We can help you do that!  Metaverse Mod Squad is a community-oriented company.  We know your customers because many of us ARE your customers, or your fans, or your audience.  We are content and context-focused, we holistically understand the power of social media and community, and we’re here to help you develop a fantastic digital experience for your customers.  Together, let’s make your social media a great experience for all.

Leigh Green
Social Media Content Creator

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