A Warm Welcome to our New Vice President of Interactive Services!

The Metaverse revolution continues! Our exciting summer of growth and expansion, which has already seen the opening of our EU Ops Center in Northern Ireland and the arrival of our new head of services, continues in full force. With Metaverse’s dedication to offering clients the most robust service offerings in our history, we’re expanding our team to welcome industry veterans with a passion for excellence. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that Stephen Henry has joined Metaverse as Vice President of Interactive Services.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 11.04.21 AMSteve comes to Metaverse as a customer-support expert, having managed CS teams for nearly two decades, with a particular focus on the fast-paced interactive entertainment/video game industry. With significant experience managing geographically diverse work units in dozens of countries worldwide, Steve consistently has his fingers on the ever-changing pulse of today’s customer.

In his role at Metaverse, Steve will engage existing and potential clients, working with them to develop solution-focused plans for success. We sat down with Steve to talk in detail about his responsibilities, his background, and his views on support teams, virtual workforces, and the Metaverse difference.

Talk to us about your role at Metaverse.

I recently joined as VP of Interactive Services. I work with new and existing clients to maximize digital engagement efforts with their customer base, including social, community, moderation, customer support, and crisis management.

It’s a bit of a dual role. On the service side of things, I’m able to leverage my experience to help existing clients shape up their support offering, help with strategic direction and global expansion, and continue to offer innovative services. On the business development front, I’ll be working with new clients to develop customized service solutions catered to their business needs.

Having led numerous CS teams for such interactive entertainment and software-development companies as Electronic Arts and Zenimax, how will that experience inform your relationships with clients?

Some of my key strengths are global operations and business management. I’m able to draw on my experiences managing vendors and in-house teams through massive scaling needs, launching multiple products, customized support solutions, consolidating regional support, and expanding global operations. When choosing a company like Metaverse, clients are looking for a partner that manages their business like it was their own. That means bringing solutions and business insight to the table that help improve the customer experience, control costs, and help the client build long-term revenue.

What are the most common challenges support teams face?

Depends on the nature of the business, but these four stand out: (a) flexible staffing solutions that allow for scale and cost control, (b) acquiring and retaining the right talent and expertise for your product and services, (c) global expansion and multilingual capabilities, and (d) expanding services into the social space and online communities.

How do you see Metaverse fulfilling that need?

Metaverse has a unique staffing model, blend of services, and expertise that allows us to meet the primary challenges I see most companies face in the digital engagement space. For one, a virtual workforce combined with operational centers in key locations allows us to scale quickly. But more importantly, it lets us draw upon the right expertise, including product and cultural affinity, as well as language talent. We often say, “Our Mods are your customers,” which is true. And we’re not limited to one or two geographies to pull in talent.

There aren’t many companies out there with a strong presence and level of expertise in ALL of the channels that we serve: community, social, moderation, and customer support. This allows Metaverse to blend support solutions across multiple segments and engage customers where they interact with the company, the product(s), and each other.

What attracted you to Metaverse?

I’m super excited to be working at Metaverse. I’ve been fortunate to have worked for some really innovative companies and alongside a ton of talented people over the years, and Metaverse is no exception. In fact, my two previous employers are clients of Metaverse, which is how I came to know about Metaverse Mod Squad. There are a variety of factors that attracted me to Metaverse including: working with well-known brands and interesting companies, collaborating with super-talented people and a geographically diverse workforce, the breadth and depth of our service offering, working in a virtual environment, and the challenge of doing something new that leverages my experience and background.

Metaverse has a full suite of services and expertise that allow us to build robust interactive support solutions customized to clients’ business needs. It turns out to be win/win for everyone. To me, that aspect in particular is most exciting and professionally rewarding.

Richard Egan
Marketing Manager

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