We Reveal Our New Year’s Resolutions

It’s been a great year for ModSquad, with even more awesomesauce coming down the pike in 2016!

But as cool as we are (you know we are, just admit it), we’re not perfect. That’s why we, like the rest of Western Civilization, make New Year’s resolutions. We’re not promising we’ll keep them, but hey, first things first.

Let’s find out what our savvy staffers have pledged for 2016…

My 2015 resolution was ‘kindness.’ I liked it so much, I think I’m going to continue to make that my resolution and goal for 2016. So often we see the bitterness and snark of the world spread across media and digital communications. I love seeing acts of kindness! But when the world seems surprised by such acts, and labels them as ‘heroic’… I can’t help but wonder if general kindness and thoughtfulness are becoming rare traits? So, my goal is to make kindness a default reaction, and hope that it spreads like wildfire.
—Izzy Neis

One resolution that has worked out well for me: If you can’t decide what to drink in 5 seconds, you must default to water. I’m much more hydrated these days, lol!
—Katie Carson

In 2016, I will work on being in the moment and enjoying it. My children are growing too fast, and I need to remember to slow down and enjoy the moment, whether it’s a school play or cuddles on the couch. I hope to have a healthier work/life balance.
—Gina Miller

My new year’s resolution is to be nicer to the Senior Vice President of Global Operations for ModSquad, Rich Weil. Will it happen? One can only hope!
—Theresa Galle

My new year’s resolution is to get outside more. When I lived in Texas, I did a lot of boating, fishing, camping, hiking, and general wandering around, but I have not done nearly as much of that as I would like since I came to California. So 2016 is going to be a much more outdoorsy year!
—Rich Weil

Be more healthy, happy, and active!
—Ren Kainth

I am going back to my passion of creative writing during my downtime.
—Blagica Bottigliero

To finally start writing that novel, the idea for which has been kicking around in my head forever!
—Ellen Brenner

I have two resolutions: First, to try my hardest to reach my full potential in all things. Secondly, to remember to love myself anyway when I don’t quite succeed the way I intended. Well, ok, maybe three: Be thankful for all lessons life teaches me.
—Krystalle Voecks

It’s not really a resolution, but I plan on spending a good chunk of 2016 in VR.
—Matt Hostler

I resolve to:
Take more time for myself
Start things sooner
Use more spread sheets
Learn more tools to be more well rounded
Drink more.  Seriously, I hardly drink in Ireland, they may throw me out soon because my blood alcohol level is always too low.
—Mike Marcantel

Here’s to 2016! May the oncoming year far exceed the current, and bring you successes, happiness, health, and much, much more. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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