Recycling In The Technological Era

We are in the technological era!  Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, so much so that the next greatest upgrade is out just as soon as you can afford the last one!  So what happens to your old gen items?  You can’t throw them away, but you can’t store them forever!  You have to recycle them!

tech recycle1So you’ve replaced your computer?  Exciting! But, how should you handle your old one?  First, you must realize that all data is not easily erased from memory.  If you have pictures on your computer hard drive, legal documents, private information… they are not fully removed by clicking on delete.  Some techies advise folks to encrypt their files and then use an erasing tool to delete the storage device.  Think of it like shredding documents before you throw or recycle them. posted last year with a few erasing tool options located here.

tech recycle harddrive smashIf you are selling your old PC remove the hard drive.  Even if you don’t need it, it is better to be safe than sorry.  Hackers can prey on old PC’s (with the hard drive), and they are able to obtain Social Security numbers, bank account information, login information, just about ANYTHING!  If you really want to be safe to ensure someone is not going to get that information just break it.  Take it out back and hit it with a sledgehammer.  Not only will you have immediate stress relief, but you will bust that little box to the point of no repair – which is ALWAYS fun!

For everything else, you can recycled your electronics at a government approved facility.  Several places offer tech recycling programs, such as Staples and Office Depot.

For more information on E-waste in California here are a couple useful links:

Better to recycle then to waste!  Let’s eliminate e-waste together 🙂

Savannah Lewis
Project Manager

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