Entertaining Customers with MoviePass

It’s Customer Service Week! A full week to celebrate the fine art of customer service: from those who spend their days as customer care representatives to the clients who give 110% to support their customers and community. 

In honor of the week, we are shining a Client Spotlight on our fantastic friends at MoviePass. We have had the honor of working with MoviePass for nearly 4 years now. Recently, we spoke with Stacy Spikes, the Co-Founder and CEO of MoviePass, about their app, and how their product embraces their community.

How did you come up with the idea for MoviePass?

You know the saying, “If you suggest something to get done and no one is doing it, you just created a job for yourself.” That’s basically what happened. We saw an opportunity to bring the subscription model to a favorite entertainment pastime.

What opportunity does MoviePass offer subscribers?

MoviePass is a discovery tool. It allows people to fully experience the excitement that comes with the magic of cinema whenever they want. By encouraging multiple movie-going opportunities, people see films they otherwise would not see. From our perspective, the biggest thing MoviePass delivers is quality time with family and friends, watching adventures unfold on the big screen.

Who do you think benefits the most from MoviePass, and why?

Moviepass cardIf you love movies you will benefit from MoviePass. 75% of our members are between the ages of 18 and 34. One of the most wonderful emails we’ve received was from a retired Vet who said before MoviePass he just sat alone at home. Now that he has MoviePass, it gets him out of the house and he has a whole new social life. We know that we are doing something good when we see that we can help people.

What is the #1 experience you want your customers to have with your product?

The #1 thing we want our members to do is to go re-discover the magic of the theater, and make it easy for them to access it. There’s something special about sitting in a dark room with huge screen in front of you and no other distractions, and watching a movie for the first time. You don’t get that at home, no matter how impressive your home theater system is.

How important is customer engagement to your company? What do you do to cultivate a great relationship with your MoviePass subscribers?

MoviePass members are huge movie fans, as are we, and there’s a lot of respect for our community built into the product because of that commonality. Engaging with our members is very important to us, and so we make ourselves available through various platforms and customer service portals for feedback and conversation. For example, via social media we provide information about what’s playing now, build discussions, and we get excited with our members about trailers and teasers that drop. We provide lots of movie-related content on our blog (blog.moviepass.com), and recently we started a weekly email newsletter sharing new information on weekly movie releases.

Thank you to MoviePass for creating something so special and innovative for movie lovers. We are gearing up for the holiday viewing season, too!

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