Creativity in a New Age: My Adventure Into Online Scrapbooking

tech over lifeI’m certain that I’m not alone when I say that technology has taken over many aspects of our (once manual) day-to-day activities.

When I’m preparing a grocery list, I use my Smartphone. Time to send a letter? I text it or email it.  No more dragging heavy books when it’s time to relax and read, instead I pull out my tablet.  I even complete all my banking transactions online without ever having to step foot in the bank. In hindsight, I cannot comprehend how I survived without all this incredibly convenient technology.

love-scrapbooking-signThe fine art of making hand-made scrapbooks has always been a leisure activity that has brought so much joy and creativity to my life. I have been scrapbooking since I was in High School, so it is safe to say this has been a passion for a very long time (without revealing too much about my age, wink). I’ve enjoyed taking pictures and arranging them in beautiful, elaborate and creative books.

fabric scrapbooking cover3The feeling is difficult to describe, but it is an overwhelming sense of accomplishment to start with two large blank sheets and seeing a project come into fruition right in front of my eyes.  Although, I must admit, a completed scrapbook is rather bulky and large, with fancy embellishments, pop-outs, ribbons, stickers, and photos.

Now that I am married and have three young boys, this hobby of mine has become time-consuming, space-cumbersome, and increasingly expensive. All of my free-time and attention is spent keeping up with the demand of a young family on-the-go.

10990918_f520Over the years, I heard about these websites that were doing online scrapbooks, but I had never actually seen a completed product. Recently, I saw my friend’s book and I fell in love with my hobby all over again.  All the challenges that I had with the traditional hand-made scrapbooks were resolved with technology!

  • The books are smaller, lighter, and much easier to display.
  • No more trips to the store to find one or two items.
  • I no longer have the need to print hundreds of photos at the store.
  • A quick screen-save means no more scrap-covered kitchen table!

Everything about online scrapbooking sounded perfect! And yet….

When the time had come for me to give it a try, and I was all ready to start, the only thing I was missing was my creativity. I have never had a block like this before.  My ideas always would come so naturally when I had the paper and pictures in my hand.

After all my head-banging, hair-pulling, and pace-walking, I have finally came up with a couple ideas I think might guide me in the right direction.  So, there is where I leave you — for now.  I know, it’s a tease, but I’m walking through this new digital-scrapbooking territory WITH you.  I’m starting on my creation now, wish me luck!

Interested in online scrapbooking? Here are some sites & apps to check out:

  • imgresPicaboo:  [One of my favorite services, and not just because they’re a Metaverse client] Create photo books, personalize photo cards, create custom phone cases, photo panels, canvases and more.
  • SmileboxPersonalize a unique scrapbook design by adding photos, then embellishing and journaling to your heart’s delight. (website)
  •  Mixbookmake completely customizable photo books, cards, and calendars on the web – for free.  (website)
  • ShutterflyWhere your photos come to life in photo books, cards, and gifts come to life. (App and website)
  • ScrapPadLets users choose from 20 themes to create a fun, festive scrapbook for every occasion. ($5 app)

Stay tuned for my follow up, with all the good, the bad, and the ugly, as I dive back into the wonderful world of online scrapbooking in the new age of technology!  Have you had any issue getting into your favorite hobby… digitally?  Do you have any recommendations for apps & sites for scrapbooking?  Share!

Jaclyn Razo
People Operations Administrator

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