Best Sites and Apps for Learning Languages

Whether you’re trying to read that traditional Italian recipe, or because you desperately want to sing along with that Finnish metal band you like so well, there many reasons to explore a foreign language. As one of the many proud multi-lingual mods at ModSquad (I have three languages under my belt), I am fascinated by tools that help people expand their range.

The following is a list of my personal favorite websites and apps for learning another language:

This program isn’t nearly as famous as it should be. Lang-8 is a blog-like platform where you are free to write entries on whatever kind of topic you like. Natives speakers will then be able to correct your post and add notes on grammar, tone, and other colloquial improvements. Additionally, you’re more than welcome to return the favor by checking out posts in your native language!

In Memrise, you can find the most diverse resources for language learning. Choose from a wide variety of courses uploaded by users, or you can create and upload your own. Courses are usually a balanced mix of grammar, speaking exercises (with voice recognition), and other interesting features.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive experience in language learning, then Livemocha is the place to go. The website not only gathers language courses and exercises, but also gives you the opportunity to join a very active community, where you can chat in real time with people from all over the world!

DuoLingo is probably the best choice for a busy person who can only spare a few minutes a day to their language-learning project. It is available in both website and app form. You choose your own language, choose the language you wish to learn, and then get started. The program provides comparisons of both languages, starting from very simple and useful sentences, gradually adding bits of grammar and more complex topics.

So, if you’ve always wanted to learn something new, but couldn’t stomach the idea of big, dusty books – these websites are a good place to start! Which language will you learn next?

Lara Greco
Project Manager

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