My Addiction to Vine

I have an addiction! I can’t stop watching Vine videos.

imgresThere are so many apps out there for Social Media interactions and I have become addicted to watching Vines. While they are super short videos they can be educational, hysterical or sometimes cringe worthy. We’ve all scrolled through Facebook or Twitter to “catch up on” what is going on with our friends and family. Now it takes a simple 6 second, looping video to see what is going on, or simply get a glimpse of someone’s life.

Forget the days of 30 second TV commercial spots. Companies have even hopped on Vine to create super short commercial snips. Some even include “Vine stars” to promote their products. Similar to having YouTube Fame there are “Vine famous” people out there. They even get together to be in Vines with each other. Some even make “celebrity appearances” where permits are required due to the amount of “fans” that show up.

I find myself looking at Vine at least a couple times a day as a “break” to watch the short videos, and quite often end up laughing out loud over them. It’s crazy to think that a bunch of 6 second videos can get someone famous, but I love them and can’t stop watching.

Here’s some of my (more or less family-acceptable) favorites:




Sesame Street has been showcasing some creative family content as well!

And of course… there’s this (courtesy of our COO Mike Pinkerton’s mad skills, the ESRB’s swag, and Izzy Neis’s vine account at the FOSI conference this past month):

Kerri Seguin
Project Manager


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