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When I was growing up, my mom was my teacher.  She taught me everything from cleaning my room to balancing my checkbook.  Lately, our roles have reversed; I have become the teacher and she the student.

My mom is VERY old school.  She still pays her monthly bills using her checkbook.  When sending a birthday card, she uses the US Postal Office and prays that it is delivered on time.

I have recently introduced my mom to Facebook and Skype.  Skype has become my mom’s, as well as my daughter’s, favorite past time.  We don’t get to see my mom much in person because we live far away, so my daughter frequently asks if she can speak to Grandma on the “’puter” (she hasn’t quite learned how to say computer yet).  Watching them interact is the most precious thing.  Their favorite game to play is hide and seek.

Communicating through Facebook is another avenue that my mom is slowly learning how to use.  Just the other day, she posted a picture of herself for the very first time.  I called her up to give her props, and with her Spanish accent she said, “Si me pregunta cómo lo hice, no le podría decir” (If you ask me how I did it, I couldn’t tell you.).

JibJab_logoE-cards are currently the new cyber-adventure that I have introduced to my mom.  Our ABSOLUTE favorite site to log onto is  JibJab’s goal is to “make billions of people happy”, and they certainly do not fall short of that! And JibJab happens to be one of our amazing clients.

They have hundreds of Starring You! videos and photos to choose from, as well as thousands of sendable eCards.  Some of the most popular and favorite eCards are:

Here is my family’s all-time favorite birthday card.

Another reason why we love JibJab so much is that they have also created, which focuses on making learning fun for kids, and is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.  Our own Amy Pritchard, CEO of MMS, was quoted as saying, “Keeping children safe has a lot to do with keeping them entertained.” Very true.

No matter what the occasion, JibJab is hands down the best site to find eCards for birthdays, holidays, thank you’s, and just about every other reason you’d want to send someone an eCard.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 12.49.29 PMMother’s Day is almost here, and I have already picked out the perfect card!  Can you guess who is in the picture? (Hint: it’s someone that we ALL know and love…)

Happy Mother’s Day!


Theresa Galle
Account Manager

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