Friday Shenanigans: A Post-Patriotic Holiday Recap

Happy Friday, world!

The week is coming to a close, emails are slow, traffic this morning was relatively non-existent (for most), and everyone state-side (and patriots abroad) have a slightly sleepy-eyed glaze today, which made me think, why not explore the interwebs and share a bit of the sillier side of what we, Americans, love so much about the 4th of July.

yNjJQjvThe Fireworks
Miss the fireworks this year?  Never fear!  Head to your Instagram or Vine app and search #Fireworks.  Seriously.  In case you don’t have the time to fire open that app, here’s actor (whose recent Vine-documented relationship with a hotel air vent was poetic genius) Colin Hank’s view, and here’s a moment of my own view (yes, I know… I’m a culprit).

But you know who DOESN’T love fireworks? [Scooby says “Ruh Roh”]:


The Foodjuly-fourth-bbq
Ermahgerd (translation: oh my gawd/god) the food.  Burgers, wings, steaks, cakes, ice cream, grilled veggies, grilled ANYTHING! It’s like the summer equivalent of Fat Tuesday, but in the name of ‘Murika.

I have a few friends that take PRIDE in baking patriot cakes.  Actually, if you spent some time in Pinterest over the past few weeks, you may have experienced the near-competitive side of the social bakers in their recipe like counter-pinning.  Some master bakers even take a moment to celebrate the states, while deep in the heart of other countries.

5DygDLMFor example, Reddit member “joker4u22” posted this masterpiece with the following explanation:

“My attempt at making the surprise 4th of July cake. As an American working at the Canadian Embassy it didn’t go over as well.”

Bravo. Making friends, one Embassy at a time? Le sigh. 😉

We, The People.
Other than the Olympics, when do you get to see people become so impressively super-patriot?  Well, other than in some of the more colorful locations in the south (teasing…ish. ‘Murika.).  This morning, my Facebook feed contained more American Flag clothing than I knew existed (outside of Old Navy) – the flag pants, stars & stripes bikinis, Uncle Sam hat & beard combo, Bald Eagle accessories, and Lady Liberty crowns!  But nothing beats  some of these fine folks, and their patriotic displays:








The History
Nothing says the Fourth of July like the 2 weeks of liquidation sale commercials starring George Washington, Statues of Liberty expertly spinning ad signs on sidewalks, and homages to presidents, military folk, battles of yore, tricorns, and historical tidbits and trivia facts.  And yet, there are still those who leave me speechless:




The Family & Friends
Some go golfing, some play “bags” in the backyard (AKA “Cornhole”), some sit in traffic looking for legal/illegal fireworks, and some park a lovely lawn chair on a sidewalk for parade-watching and flag-waving. But it’s not really the 4th of July without being in the company of your friends and/or family.

Our social media team basked in the brilliance of Awkward Family Photos’ montage of patriotic family revelry. Definitely worth 2 spare moments of your time.

The Appreciation
Despite all my teasing above, I truly do love the 4th of July.  Sometimes, with the state of politics and government news, it’s nice to spend a day AVOIDING cynicism & frustration, and embracing culture and homeland.  Singing American ballads, lighting up sparklers, hugging or thanking a vet, eating a brat, laying on picnic blankets, and spending time with beloved family & friends?  I’m very lucky.

Americans may not be perfect (‘Murika), but we sure do have a unique style.  Its not every country where a Bear and a Frog can be best friends, or a Pig and a Frog can marry, am I right?  Am I right?! Now… SING IT FOZZIE!

No matter what country you call home (can I come visit?), may your summer (or winter) be filled with loved ones and good memories!!!



Izzy Neis
Director of Digital Engagement & Strategy

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