The Best Customer Support Benefits More Than Just Your Customers

We support more than just your customers. Our Mods work hard to support you, too.

We’ve all been there. You have a bad customer-service experience and you want to get even by sharing it on social media. Most of us resort to telling our Facebook friends never to shop at a certain store again. If you’re one of the glitterati, perhaps you tweet out angry messages to pizza makers because they shared your cell number with “ur number one fan.”

827556_46291532Thanks to this new-fangled Jetsons technology we possess, today’s customers have more knowledge and power than ever before. An online recommendation can make you just as easily as a virtual dis can break you. If you’re running a business, you need your customer-support team and tools need to be all-encompassing. And they need to provide top-level results, stat.

At Metaverse, our Mods help you figure out the most efficient way for your company to handle customer-service inquiries. Some companies leave the support work to us and free themselves from the need for support staffing. And with more and more stories popping up of support reps harassing customers looking to cancel a service or replacing their names with vulgar words in their account, it would totally make sense for certain companies to leave CS to the pros.

499019_73851323Others firms buddy up with the Mods, letting us empty their support queues of the many inquiries that can be handled with canned responses. This practice frees up your tech and support specialists, allowing them to spend quality time on those customers who need a little more attention. Which is as it should be. Every customer is “potential influential.” We make sure each one gets a respectful and helpful reply. But it’s possible to do so much more than just reply to e-mails.

You’ve heard of customized help-desk software, right? This tool not only receives and sorts all of your inbound e-mail, but can also allow your company to ramp up your suite of support offerings. Metaverse has tons of experience integrating these solutions. Add that to our scalable CS offering and you get more time to develop products and service lines for your customers. And that’s a good thing.

This combination — our scalable support solution and a robust CRM tool ‐ increases the efficiency and profitability of the client. Even more, it serves to provide a better experience for the end-user, your customer. Study after study has demonstrated the importance of customer service as a key driver for retention. As we’ve seen above, customers recommend a product or service based on positive customer-service stories. Or they’ll publicly flog your company until it hurts.

So you’re working hard to meet your customers where they are now, whether they’re on the web, mobile, and social, or coming in via phone, e-mail, or chat. Just remember, our Mods can work with any support solution, provide a real human interaction, and help you get to know your customer base. Without the name-calling and the inappropriate pizza-delivery boys.

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