Mod of the Month – January 2015

We’re excited to announce our FIRST Mod of the Month for 2015! Drum roll please…

Krista S. (as portrayed in the photo by her youngest cat, Katniss)!

unnamed-1Krista hails from Wichita, Kansas, and has been with at Metaverse Mod Squad for a little over a year. One of Krista’s strengths is her honesty, and she proudly admits to being a “big nerd.”  As a fan of science fiction, she has always dreamed of working for Lucasfilm, thanks to the amazingness that *is* the Star Wars franchise (many of us can relate to this!).

Krista is a rock star in forum moderation (amongst other disciplines), particularly when it comes to the customer support aspect of helping fans and communities. As she says, “It definitely makes me feel good about the work I do.” One of her more memorable moments at Metaverse happened when locating some “black magic recipe” spam that was leaked onto a client’s forum. Community members hilariously started posting images from the classic Bewitched tv series, as well as writing parodies and meme responses to the spam post. It’s so important to have a great sense of humor with our job sometimes!

Krista! She’s great at staying informed with updates in basecamp and asking questions. She regularly checks her QA scores. She’s just all around awesome!
Tera Tilden

Krista does fantastic work on every scan that she works for my project, she’s reliable and she isn’t afraid to ask questions if needed.
– Michelle Ramage

Krista has recently helped me out with holiday coverage as well as some post-holiday backlog on one of my projects. She’s a very quick learner, super motivated and highly flexible. She’d definitely deserve the recognition.
– Guido

Krista is on two of my projects, and I’ve been very impressed with her. She approaches her work in a serious manner. She’s prompt and thorough, seeking out answers to any questions she has. A great moderator actively pursues the task at hand, reading older messages, studying the project manual, or otherwise working to improve their skills on the project. Krista has shown herself to be in the “great” category.
– Susie South

Krista works for me (via the Scan team) as well and she always does a great job.
– Mike Marcantel

Congratulations, Krista! We’re so proud to have you on board with us. Keep up the great work!

Izzy Neis
Director of Strategy & Engagement

Jason Ferguson
Director of Client Services

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