Celebrating The Power of Customer Service Staff

It’s national Customer Service Week!  In celebration, we asked a few of our prime customer service folks a bit about the field, and what they love about it.  What we received was a wonderful doctrine regarding Customer Service!

  • Customer Support is not just answering a phone or responding to an email.  It’s helping people!

unnamed“Helping people is always enjoyable, and you get the chance to positively impact a lot of people with every customer service interaction.  We’ll fix a problem, or answer a question, for one person and it can spread like wildfire.  They’ll tell a friend, who tells a friend, and on it goes.  That same ripple effect hits our team, when they discuss a great person they got to help, and the client when the positive feedback lands at their door.” –Josh Smith

Our Jack-Of-All-Trades, Josh Smith, has been with Metaverse for 2 years and 2 months, but has been in the field for 12 years. (Side note: based on my conversation with Josh about his Customer Service tenure, his photo might just be about the age he started customer service!)

  • Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 10.12.32 AMCustomer Service is not just coordinating an answer to a customer, it’s being responsible for providing the best answer:

“[I am most proud of…] The level of ownership each of us take for what we deliver to our clients and their customers.  I’ve never enjoyed such strong team-based work towards common goals before joining MMS almost two years ago.” –Chris Nichols

The wonderfully thorough and detail-oriented Chris Nichols has been in the Customer Service field for 17 years, and with Metaverse Mod Squad for two years. (Delightful side note: He also insists his photo is not upside-down. +1 Point for a unique outlook!)

  • The soul of Customer Service is quality, efficiency, and a desire to above and beyond:

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 10.11.07 AM“I always stress quality over quantity with my teams and clients. That is always my goal when providing support. Nothing makes me more frustrated as a customer then being shuffled along, provided an answer that has nothing to do with my support request, or when a support request goes nowhere for hours or maybe even days. If we provide quality support, we not only make our clients look awesome, but it can improve customers’ experience and make them feel like there is a person that cares on the other side of their support request.” –Jay Biros

Jay Biros (and his high-caliber approach) has been in Customer Service for 5 years, and with Metaverse Mod Squad for a little over 3 years.

  • Customer Service deserves respect as it spans all disciplines and soaks into all industries:

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 10.10.06 AM“I think customer service is an integrated aspect in every single business you work in, no matter the industry. We call it a rather generic name now but it really has a deeper meaning because it’s no longer “just” about serving the customer. It’s about engagement, repertoire, retention and really connecting with the customer (however brief) on that level. I draw my inspiration from those stories of customers who come back and say “You know I was having a really bad day. I appreciate you and what you did to help make it better.” To hear that isn’t only heartwarming, it’s reaffirmation that what you are doing makes a difference, however small. You never know how far that difference really means to someone.” –Kelly Goelz-Clendenning

The fantastically driven Kelly Goelz-Clendenning has been with Metaverse Mod Squad for over 2 years, and in the customer support field for over 14.

We appreciate our staff, and it’s so lovely to take a moment out and appreciate the discipline, and those who engage in it – so, Happiest of Happy Customer Service Week to you and yours!

Izzy Neis
Director of Strategy & Engagement

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