We Do That.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 2.16.26 PMI’m the type of guy who loves to tinker with “the norm” to see how well things can be improved.  I like to accept the challenges from our fearless leaders that may not have been tackled by anyone before.  And you know what?  That’s not necessarily a rare attitude where I work.  There are plenty of managers just like me spread around our company at Metaverse Mod Squad.  There’s nothing like being handed a new assignment and then breaking it down into bite-sized chunks, and coming up with a unique game plan that provides great service for our client and a fresh perspective for our team.  It’s empowering!

We are, of course, thrilled when a new client come to us with an established system of policies or procedures, and we happily take any and all direction provided; but we are equally as happy (if not more excited by the challenge) when a new client arrives with a blank slate, allowing us the opportunity to use our expertise and help develop a plan of action that’s unique to the product/company!  No matter what challenges you believe your business has ahead, chances are we have someone on staff who has encountered them before, and he or she (or we) will be just itching to apply that experience and knowledge to resolve the problem on your behalf.

Have you ever found yourself wondering how best to approach a new task? Or, have you taken a moment ponder the possibility of scaling your team to meet the demands of today, and found that you have concerns about tomorrow?  We want to hear about it!  Whether you need guidance or support or management resources from our tried-and-true community management, customer service, moderation, social media, or quality assurance teams, that’s why we’re here.  We really shine when it comes to assessing challenges and completing them to the highest degree.  Check out our variety of services and specialitiesPing us ([email protected])! Give us a call (855.818.MODS).  We would love to have a smart chat about your business needs in this social & digital frontier.

We provide the very best service we can to each and every client that approaches us, as every project is different.  We’re a company built on quality, innovation, and creativity — but more than that, we’re built on passion for the brands we represent, and the audiences that support them.

Josh Smith
Project Manager

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