The New Generation of Stay-at-Home Moms: She Works Too!

More and more moms are choosing industries, careers and companies where they can work from home (this enormous talent pool of new moms are not going to be heading to Yahoo any time soon…  CEO Marissa Mayer recently announced that Yahoo will be ending its policy of allowing employees to work from home June 1st).

More and more organizations are citing the results of independent research to justify work-from-home pilot programs.  For example, a recent Stanford study reported that call center employees increased their performance by 13 percent when working from home. They also reported “improved work satisfaction and experienced less turnover,” according to the study.

photo2I just became a “stay-at-home mom”.  You might remember my last blog post, “My Virtual Baby Shower.”  I’ve been at Metaverse Mod Squad working remotely for almost 4 years, and just returned to work last month after maternity leave.

Like many moms, I have joined support groups to share laughs and tears.  And, like many moms, I have felt the stress of returning to work.  However, I feel horrible for the moms whose eyes swell up with tears as they discuss being away from their little ones for up to twelve hours a day or whose newborns keep getting sick in daycare.  I have heard stories of moms pumping on the road late to meetings and in closets at work with a folding chair (don’t worry if you don’t know what this means).

photo1Even though I work from home, returning to work has still been a huge adjustment for me.  However, I feel so lucky that I have been fortunate enough to find both a career and company that supports the stay-at-home parent.

Jennifer Lowe
VP of Digital Media

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