A Leader in Call Technology: DialogTech

We previously posted our partnership announcement in 2013, but recently our partner, IfByPhone, has announced that they’ve changed their name to DialogTech. We’re excited for them, and for the ongoing, top-notch service provided by their leading call center technology. If you’re interested in learning more about DialogTech, let us know and we’ll be happy to help in the process!

imgresOne of Metaverse’s partners, Chicago-based DialogTech (recently IfByPhone), provides voice-based marketing and virtual call center automation platform. With a suite of SaaS applications that let you track your calls from your online and offline advertising as well as leads and distribution, the streamlined interface and ease of use leaves nothing to be desired.

Capabilities seem almost endless and range from a plethora of analytic options (call metrics that are all in real time and capture details from each individual caller), hosted IVR (interactive voice response), voice broadcasting, virtual call centers and schedule-based call routing from sophisticated to a basic virtual receptionist forany lower scale needs.  On top of all the options offered, everything is fully customizable. One of the most unique features was the ability to even set up an automated job interview! What a great way to help narrow down qualified candidates. Of course, this same instance can be customized to surveys or any other needs you might have.

Most importantly the multitude of prebuilt applications all work seamlessly with each other and are easily integrated into your existing systems. Want to build your own? No problem. Extensive APIs give you the means to do just so.

Despite all the new ways we can interact with one another, many of your customers still want to talk. Metaverse support agents use DialogTech to capture, respond, score, and nurture phone leads almost immediately, thus effectively eliminating that crucial time gap where prospects can lose interest or move on while waiting for a follow up. Overall, it makes a significant impact on efficiency and effectiveness in connecting with people who are trying to contact you and understanding how and where prospective clients are finding you.

David Follo
Project Manager

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