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Surprise and Delight: How to Turbocharge Your Customer Support

“Surprise and delight” is a mainstay of customer service. It’s a strategy that will allow you to not only deliver on customers’ expectations but exceed them — ideally, in a way that they don’t expect.

Remember back in 2020 when a viral TikTok clip of a man skateboarding to work because his car broke down? Showing positivity in the face of adversity, he makes the most of the moment, sipping an Ocean Spray cran-raspberry drink to the sounds of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.” When Ocean Spray, delighted by the boom in drink sales, reached out to the TikTokker with the gift of a new truck, they were certainly going above and beyond to please a satisfied customer. This heartwarming postscript to an already popular story certainly put the brand front of mind.

You don’t need to approach this extreme level of surprise and delight in order to make a difference to your customers, but big gestures make for big news. If sending your best customers new vehicles isn’t in the budget, here are a few strategies that will also surprise and delight your fanbase.

Engage personally with your customers on a regular basis.

You likely have a Facebook page. You might even have a Facebook group. If you aren’t using it correctly, however, the odds are good that you aren’t going to be able to use those platforms to connect with your customers on a personal level.

When you create a social media page, don’t just use it to push out posts. Instead, look for opportunities to interact. Respond personally to customers’ questions. Invite them to share content and stories with you. Carry on a conversation.

Want to take it to the next level?

It’s not just your social media platforms that are ideal for engaging with your customers. Try connecting with them through email or private messenging when appropriate to help enhance that overall sense of connection. Even better if you send them a coupon code or a product freebie as a thank you for being a loyal customer.

Follow up with customers who have problems.

Many businesses often assume that if a customer isn’t complaining, there isn’t a problem. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. You might have managed to solve a customer’s immediate problem, but left them with another, less serious issue. They might have returned a defective product, only to discover later that the product simply didn’t fit their needs. Other customers just won’t call back if you weren’t able to fix their problem the first time, especially if they’re short on time.

Instead of waiting for customers to let you know how it went, follow up with them. Ask if the solution met their needs. Make sure that a replacement product arrives in a timely manner. Offer additional incentives if needed to ensure that the customer is fully satisfied, as LEGO did when they received a letter from a seven-year-old customer who was despondent about losing his toy.

Customers will remember how you handled a problem just as much as they remember the problem itself. An effective response to a problem can make a huge difference in how they view your company and can increase positive brand affiliation for potential future purchases. 

Connect with negative reviewers.

Follow up with those who leave negative reviews and find out what you can do to make things right. Don’t go into it intending to have them take down their review; instead, look for ways that you can provide value to customers who failed to get what they expected during their initial connection with your business.

Offer surprise extras to loyal customers.

Remember, customer service and support aren’t just about dealing with problems — though that’s certainly part of it. You also want to find ways to please existing customers. Try providing surprise extras that will encourage them to have a higher degree of regard for your brand; that’s what happened when, in an award-winning campaign, skin lotion maker Udderly Smooth proactively sent care packages to frontline workers in the early days of COVID-19.

Send out free samples. Offer discounts on new items to existing customers. They’re your best chance to expand your brand, especially if you can increase their overall value. Build a sense of connection to your brand by offering them things that they might not choose to purchase on their own — and watch them come back to purchase those items in the future.

Look for ways to have customers create solutions.

Constantly stay aware of your customer’s pain points and how you can help. Show them how your brand can solve any problems they’re facing and that they can count on you for solutions.

Proactively offer customers an additional product or service that can help them resolve an issue. You may be surprised by just how much this simple strategy can enhance your connection to existing customers.

Surprising and delighting your customers isn’t just a buzz phrase. It’s a way to enhance overall connection, engage more deeply, and show your customers exactly why they should trust your brand over your competitors. 

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