Spotlight on Reading Rainbow: It’s been 30 years!

“Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high….”

RR_30_YearsIf those lyrics bring back memories for you, you can join us as we celebrate a special time for one of our clients! For the past 30 years, Reading Rainbow and LeVar Burton have been working to encourage children and families to develop a love of reading. From visiting the circus, chatting with Kermit the Frog and even visiting LeVar’s second home, the set of Star Trek: TNG, the show left quite the impact on families across the world.

This month, Reading Rainbow celebrated their 30th Anniversary since the first episode aired on TV June 6th, 1983. Whew! Where were you 30 years ago?

The show aired for a total of 26 years before it went off the air in 2009. When LeVar and his business partner, Mark Wolfe created RRKidz, they gained the rights to Reading Rainbow and released a whole new adventure as a mobile app!

Now, families not only get to share their love of Reading Rainbow and reading in general with their kids through the old TV episodes but they can also share it with the new generation via an interactive library on-the-go.

levarReading Rainbow continues to be a great source for parents to turn to for advice, new video updates of LeVar, fun video field trips similar to the classic TV show themes as well as hundreds of books available on the iPad and Kindle Fire.

During this anniversary, we will continue to work with Reading Rainbow to host fun events, bring back memories with throwback questions and continue to celebrate the new generation of Reading Rainbow on their mission of inspiring families to read.

What are some of your favorite memories of Reading Rainbow?

Rebekah Good
Social Media Manager

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