Social Media Features to Up Your Content Creation and Moderation Game

You’re busy running your business, crafting and dreaming, planning and forecasting, delegating and managing, and (above all) growing for success. And let’s be honest… social media platforms, algorithms, and behaviors change by the week, month, quarter. It can feel chaotic (at best) to stay up to date with all the latest and greatest in the industry. We totally get it.

We’re here to help. We’ve rounded up a selection of recent social media updates and platform shifts that could impact the way you share content.

Instagram’s link stickers are big news for two reasons. First, they make it significantly easier for businesses and creators to link to content outside of Instagram, eliminating the need for swipe-up links. Second, link stickers are now available to all Instagram accounts. They were  initially limited to users with more than 10,000 followers.

Want to share a blog with your users on Instagram stories? No need to send them to the “link in bio.” Here’s how you could share using Link Sticker:


The social platform recently introduced Twitter Communities, which were created to give people a dedicated place to connect, share, and get closer to the discussions they care about most. Think Facebook Group or a Reddit thread, but now accessible on Twitter. This is still an invite-only feature for those wanting to create their own private community. That makes Communities harder to join than subreddits or public groups on Facebook but an interesting space to put your foot in. They are currently working on approving moderators to start.

Find a community that suits your needs. If you’re looking to create a Twitter Community for your business, you can submit a request as long as you clear Twitter’s eligibility criteria. 


Moderation professionals will be all over these new Facebook tools. Those who moderate conversations for large numbers of groups or collections on Facebook and other social channels know the challenges of keeping up with daily posts. Add to that making sense of what’s happening among the actual content creators, and it can be a big lift. To help, check out these new features:

  • Admin Home: Browse a handy dashboard for all of your admin tools.
  • Admin Assist: Create moderation rules and capture spam with this customizable tool.
  • Conflict Alerts: This AI system notifies admins about conversations showing conflict.
  • Slowing Down Conversations: Moderators will be able to permanently restrict selected conversations and threads.
  • Member Summaries: Get a track record of each member’s activity in the group.


TikTok recently announced CommunityToks, a new way for users to segment the community around niches and topics of interest. These community generated topical hashtags can help drive engagement for people and businesses who create native TikTok videos within specific niches.

By segmenting users’ interest on the platform, TikTok is broadening its advertiser appeal. They’re showcasing opportunities to connect with group subcultures and prompting users to create more engaging content that better fits the specific interests of a group.

Now the question is, how can brands/businesses leverage these communities? All your questions are answered right here!


Here’s an existing feature that we’re including because it’s really now coming into its own. Although introduced in 2018, businesses are just starting to make the most of carousel posts.

This document sharing feature helps content creators drive engagement by highlighting their material in an engaging way. Not to be mistaken with carousel ads, carousel posts are documents that are shared on your feed. This allows you to create carousel posts organically. Users can scroll through your presentations and documents without leaving LinkedIn, meaning your users spend more time on your content. This can be particularly advantageous for businesses looking to repurpose existing content:

  • Wrote a new blog post? Feature highlights from the article as a carousel post.
  • Did a podcast interview? Grab your favorite three quotes and make a carousel post.
  • Getting a lot of positive customer reviews? Make a slide deck of reviews and let your audience scroll through them.

It’s that simple. So venture forth and create fun, engaging posts.

Don’t leave your social content creation to chance. Rely on experienced, insightful professionals who are always up on the latest and greatest social tools. Find out more about how ModSquad manages and strategizes for social media — contact us today!

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