Significant Social Media Updates: September ’21

Do you work in social media or spend any time on the most popular platforms? If so, then you know policies, trends, and influencers change seemingly overnight. It might seem impossible to keep up with all of the changes, but have no fear! We’ve rounded up the most notable changes across social media that may impact your time or strategy on social media.

TikTok updates:

  • TikTok just announced a new feature that allows parents to link their accounts to their children’s accounts in an effort to keep kids safe on the app. Parents will be able to see direct messages and any new followers.
  • First, it was 60 seconds, then three minutes, and now five minutes! TikTok is allowing some creators to increase their video times.
  • TikTok is making major changes to the way teens use the app, including updating default privacy settings for users ages 13 through 17, including publishing restrictions, direct message capabilities, and more.

YouTube updates:

  • Content creators who play by Google’s rules are being rewarded. Not spreading false information and keeping viewers safe equals monetization opportunities for YouTube’s most popular stars.
  • YouTube is pushing Shorts (not the clothing, the 60-seconds-or-less video product) to users in an attempt to compete with TikTok.

Pinterest updates:

  • Pinterest recently announced a search feature for different hair textures. When users search for hairstyles, new filter options — for curly, wavy, and straight textures, as well as shaved/bald and protective styles — will appear under the search bar.

Twitter updates:

  • PAID. LIVE. AUDIO! For select iOS users, Twitter rolled out Ticketed Spaces, which allows content creators to charge admission for live audio sessions.
  • Twitter recently verified six bot accounts, which had people scratching their heads. Can the platform learn something about verification from Tinder?
  • “Unmention yourself” and “leave this conversation” are two phrases you might start to hear more frequently. Twitter recently announced that they’re testing new functionality to allow users to control what conversations they engage in.

LinkedIn updates:

  • Is LinkedIn the new Meet? Native video was recently introduced to the professional networking site so that users can engage in conversations directly on the platform.

Facebook updates:

  • If you’ve scrolled through your Facebook feed recently, you may have noticed Reels, the platform’s short-form video product. Trying to compete with apps like Snapchat and TikTok, Facebook Reels is the first step in luring creators back to the platform.
  • Political content shared on Facebook will start to be deemphasized by the platform’s algorithm.
  • Facebook recently pledged to become water positive by 2030, meaning that they’ll restore more water than they consume, in an effort to achieve carbon neutrality.

Instagram updates:

  • If you’ve never given Instagram your birthday, be prepared to do so soon. The platform recently announced that in an effort to keep younger users safe, a DOB is required.
  • In an effort to reduce hate speech, Instagram is introducing new features that will allow one to filter DMs and other unwanted messages. Users will be able to lock down their accounts quickly if they’re flooded with unwanted messages.
  • We’re not done talking about audio and short video reels yet! Instagram recently announced that audio will be included in its search.

Clubhouse updates:

  • Clubhouse is on fire! The audio-only app recently added spatial audio, a more dynamic and vibrant sound experience for users.

There you have it! Since social media updates are never-ending (which we love), we’ll be continuing this regular roundup of all the news you need to stay in the know. Go forth and post.  

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