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Season of Giving Thanks: What the Mods Are Grateful For

’Tis the season for kindness, thanks, and appreciation. We did a little “call out for kudos,” and we asked the Mods to tell us who and what they’re grateful for.

Many of the stories the Mod community submitted express gratitude for family and friends, who provide the support that keeps us all nourished (both literally and figuratively).

Speaking of nourishment, what’s Thanksgiving without some mouth-watering food? Stick around for some appetizing suggestions to wrap up this cornucopia of thankfulness!

Who we’re grateful for at home

“I’m grateful for my best friend of 12 years. She’s an amazing person, and her family is my family. As a girl without a family of her own, I’ve honestly found one with them. They’re all wonderful people. I am so blessed because the kind of friendship we share is very rare. So thankful for good people!”
— Faith E.

“I’m thankful for my great grandfather. I’m the oldest of the great-grandkids on that side, and he’s never too busy for any of us. Even at the age of 92, whenever I call him, he’s always ready to talk and gives the most encouraging words.”
— TaQuilla S.

“I’m thankful for my partner. In our short time as a couple, she has shown me that it doesn’t matter what the world thinks, it matters what I think and how I handle what I think. She’s stood by me through ups and downs, and for that, I can’t ask for a better partner.”
— Kelly G.

“I’m incredibly grateful for and so proud of my sister. There isn’t a single person I trust or rely on more. She’s always there to lend an ear, a hug, or a shoulder. We may live several states from each other now, but I know she is only a phone call away to share in any laughs, stories, or venting I need. She will forever be my ‘seester,’ not only by blood but also by bond.”
— Ashley M.

Gratitude for our coworkers

Natalie D. has been nothing but amazing from day one. I appreciate Natalie and am so thankful for her. I’m also so thankful for Lisa T. No matter what role she fills, Lisa is beyond awesome! Chris C. has taught me so much. I learned a lot from him as a manager, and he’s always there whenever you need him. Mike P. has been so supportive, and he gives great advice! I’m thankful for each of them and their support.”
— Melissa L.

Jessica S. is, hands down, the best Project Manager I’ve ever worked with. She’s always on top of what needs to be done and how it should be handled, and she’s easy to communicate with. This project would not be the same without her. It goes without saying that she has a great sense of humor!”
— Megan S.

Kelly G. joined our project for a brand new game launch. This game ended up exceeding everybody’s expectations for total downloads and the volume of incoming content for moderation. Throughout that launch, Kelly’s communication was stellar. She reported several glitches to us as well as important trends that the client needed to know about. The client has shouted her out specifically on a number of occasions for her hard work, efficiency, and communicative nature. We could not have done this without her.”
— Geneva H.

“In all the years I have worked as a Mod, Project Manager Teri M. has always been very helpful and organized, and makes sure we have everything that we need to get the job done. Teri goes above and beyond for everyone on the project.”
— Janice W.

“I really appreciate my Project Manager, Kellie C. In 2019, when I was in the hospital, Kellie checked in almost every single day to see how I was doing. She made it very clear that if I just wanted to talk, she was there for me. I think about her kindness and care in those moments every day. Her support was a big help. Working on projects with her, I know I can rely on her when I need her. She’s an absolute rock star and I think she deserves all the goodness in the world.”
— Hazel D.

Geneva H. is understanding, caring, and someone you can genuinely tell loves her job. She cares a lot about the Mods, and I can’t ask for more when it comes to a Project Manager.”
— Kelly G.

Kelly G. really made me feel at home and answered all my questions when I started. She’s such an awesome person.”
— Chasity R.

“I’m thankful for Shay G. She helped me more times than I can count and is always cool and patient.”
— Ycedra W.

“I am thankful for my managers, Geneva H., Jessica S., Cory B., Ivy S., and Stephanie L. It’s been a tough year for my family, but through it all, my managers have been nothing but kind, encouraging, and understanding. I am truly thankful and appreciate them more than I can express.”
— Vanessa M.

The holiday recipes and traditions we’re grateful for

“Green Jell-O Mold is a family tradition of my husband’s that livens up our Thanksgiving table and conversation every year. It’s straight out of a 1950s Betty Crocker cookbook, with seemingly few modifications throughout the years. Lime Jell-O, Cool Whip, cream cheese, crushed pineapple, and walnuts come together in a bundt pan. Surprisingly, it’s kind of hard to get it right, but I keep trying!”
— Amy K.

“My favorite Thanksgiving food is my grandmother’s chicken and dumplings recipe. My dad now makes it every year, and we all take some home after getting together for the holiday.”
— David R.

“Oven-baked macaroni and cheese is my favorite Thanksgiving dish. My favorite tradition is the family coming together. Being around the people that you love and that you know genuinely love you makes those long trips home worth it.”
— TaQuilla S.

“I love everything about Thanksgiving — family, gratitude, and food. I love all the sides, but my favorite side dish is sweet potato casserole, and always has been. As a kid, I loved the marshmallow-topped version, but my favorite is the version my grandmother made, topped with pecans and a brown sugar streusel. Her yard had huge pecan trees, and she grew the biggest garden. The casserole was created with the abundance of that hard-worked garden. I’m thankful for her legacy of love.”
— Olivia L.

Is it time to eat yet? With that, we wish you a Thanksgiving that’s full of friends, family, and tasty streusel-covered sweet potato goodness. Remember to save room for seconds!

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