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Project Manager of the Quarter — November 2021

Jasmine Tigner is a gamer through and through. Finding a way to blend this personal passion with work is a key to success for our latest Project Manager (PM) of the Quarter.

Jasmine joined ModSquad eight years ago and has been a PM for the last year. The Los Angeles native is currently working on a massive project for a well-known video game publisher. She manages a group of Mods who moderate the publisher’s Discord server and oversees a bustling community for its fans

Turning her passion into her career

Jasmine studied civil engineering in college, but she knew that her heart lay elsewhere. She worked at several jobs that gave her customer support experience and kept her eyes open for opportunities in her chosen field.

She started out co-hosting a game show for a popular video game. The publisher hired ModSquad for moderation and forum support. Jasmine applied for and was brought onto the project as a Mod. Eight years later, here she is, our latest Project Manager of the Quarter!

“I’ve been working on gaming projects since I started at ModSquad,” says Jasmine. “It’s my preference. I have a knack for moderation, social media, QA, and tech support. It’s rewarding to put that to work in a field I’m passionate about.”

The size and scope of the projects she manages are certainly impressive. The community she works on includes numerous busy forums and user groups and supports a tech-oriented player marketplace.

For Jasmine, being at ModSquad makes all the difference. She notes that some clients she’s worked with have previously partnered with other service providers. But it’s no comparison. “We are the industry leaders,” she says. “I aim to surpass our competition and maintain long-standing relationships with our clients.”

Making magic happen at work 

If you talk to Jasmine about the secrets to her success as a ModSquad PM, she points to three key strategies: staying on top of your tasks, reprioritizing daily, and maintaining a high quality of work.

Jasmine says that while that last point is vital, “It’s even more important to consider that management is less about the task work you’re doing and more about the interpersonal relationships you create with your teams.” This is a skill that can be honed, she says. “Don’t be afraid to learn, grow, and educate yourself on how you can improve as a manager.”

Being an effective PM includes managing the Mods on the project as you build client relationships. Jasmine does this by creating strong connections with everyone she meets. “I always tell Mods that I’m here to support them and are working hard for them, as well as for the clients.”

Kudos from colleagues

Her skills and dedication have made a big impression on the folks at ModSquad. We’ll let them do the talking:

“Jasmine is well-liked among her teams and clients, is super smart, has great pride in the work we do and is passionate about ModSquad.”
— Jason Ferguson, Sr. Director, Client Services

“Jasmine works on a challenging project with a lot of moving pieces. She’s fantastic at winning the confidence of clients as well as running a great group!”
— Rich Weil, Sr. VP, Global Operations

Do you have your own words of support for Jasmine? Congratulate our latest PM of the Quarter in the comments section below. Want to work with cool people like Jasmine? Learn how you can Join the Mods.

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Ann Spalding
Posted on November 24, 2021

Congrats, Jasmine! Stay awesome! 💖🙌

Posted on November 23, 2021

Well deserved kudos!! 🙂

Sheryl T
Posted on November 22, 2021

Congratulations, Jasmine!

Marco Scardella
Posted on November 22, 2021

Congrats Jasmine!!! Very well deserved!

Brian F
Posted on November 22, 2021

I am so incredibly proud of you Jasmine! You continue to amaze me with your growth and your skills, I am honored to have you not only as peer but as a friend!

Posted on November 22, 2021

Congratulations, Jasmine! Thank you for the awesome tips, keep it up! 👏🏼👏🏼🎉

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