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People of ModSquad – November 2022

It’s no secret that ModSquad is trusted by many businesses to handle their engagement, customer service, and other virtual CX needs. It’s what we do! 

But do you ever wonder how ModSquad manages to exceed client expectations every time? From finding and training the best Mods for the job, to translating client needs into actionable instructions, the ones “behind the curtain” are our Project Managers. Among them is a true jack of all trades, Zurisaday S.

Born in Costa Rica to a Cuban family, Zurisaday spends her days living with her boyfriend while enjoying one of her favorite hobbies – puzzles. We’re not talking about a casual kid’s puzzle here, either! Between those with 500 pieces or 3D sets, she loves putting her mind to the task of figuring out details to reveal the big picture. She explains, “I find this really therapeutic because I know all the pieces have their own place and everything, in the end will, come together.”

With a passion for puzzles and a way of seeing the bigger picture, it’s no wonder why Zurisaday makes waves wherever she goes! Add onto that her hard work and dedication, and there’s a winning combination. 

Part of what led her to ModSquad was her drive to succeed, looking for a job she could work while pursuing two bachelor’s degrees. One in Electrical Engineering and the other in Social Studies and Civil Education. 

With big dreams ahead, a flexible work schedule is exactly what she needed. Zurisaday described her search, “I needed to find a job where I could work and go to college at the same time, this was really difficult because my classes were during the day. At the time (2019), finding remote and flexible work in Costa Rica was almost impossible. I started looking for international companies with that business model and I found ModSquad. I applied and started as a Mod contractor.” 

Zurisaday, now a Project Manager, impresses those she works with, whether that’s other Mods or clients. In fact, she has become such an ambassador for ModSquad that she was invited to meet with a client at their office. “It was one of the proudest moments, when our client invited me along with our Account Manager, Director of Client Services, and our VP of sales to their offices in New York to conduct our business review. Being invited to this activity and being able to represent ModSquad was one of the best moments I have had in the company so far.”

Indeed, everyone who meets Zurisaday has nothing but praise. Her dedication to her team, to training new Mods, and finding ways to keep her team engaged has made her a rising star among Project Managers. 

 If you’d like to work with people like Zurisaday, join the Mods today!

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Talk Back

Gina Miller
Posted on November 17, 2022

Love having you as part of the ModSquad team, Zurisaday!

Ann S
Posted on November 17, 2022

Zuri, you ROCK! 💖 Stay awesome!

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