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People of ModSquad – January 2023

It takes someone special to do the books here at ModSquad. Everyone is serious about finance, which is why our latest People of ModSquad pick makes sure that all her t’s are crossed and i’s dotted. Meet Allison P,. our Sr. Payroll Analyst. 

For this article, though, we thought we’d introduce things a little differently. Allison is a staunch lover of reality TV. While we can’t send cameras her way to document every moment of her life, we can give her the star treatment. Move over Bravo-lebrities, here comes Allison! 

When dealing with dough, you need a keen eye and a perfectionist streak. That’s exactly how Allison describes herself! She ensures that everyone at ModSquad comes away smiling on payday. 

While some might confuse perfectionism with a dry personality, that couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to Allison! A warm and approachable person, she describes how she loves to solve problems and leave people in a better place after speaking with her. 

That’s part of what she loves about working here. What sets ModSquad apart is definitely the people and work environment!” She says, “Everyone is always trying to help each other out.”

Allison started her career in HR, which is the perfect place for someone who loves people as much as she does. Eventually, though, she found herself drawn to numbers and the exactness of working on the Finance team.

“I work very hard to make sure that everyone is paid correctly,” She explains, “I triple check all the items to make sure everything is perfect!”

When not working numbers, Allison can be found at home with her lovely family. Her co-star is her husband, who works as a mechanic. She jokes that there is always someone’s car in the driveway, waiting for her husband’s magic touch. 

In addition, she had two little scene-stealers in the form of a son and daughter, both five and under. She notes that her kids are her hobbies, to which any parent would agree. Still, when not caring for her children, she does have a range of interests. Among them are hiking and traveling. 

So, how did Allison find her way to ModSquad? Well, she fell in love with working from home during the pandemic. “When my previous company said we all had to come back to the office I started looking for something new and found ModSquad!” And we couldn’t be happier that she did! 

If you’d like to work remotely with awesome people like Allison, join the Mods today!

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