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People of ModSquad — April 2020

One of the delights of working for ModSquad is the opportunity to work side-by-virtual-side with smart, funny, and talented folks from all over the world. That’s why the “People of ModSquad” series is so dear to us, as it allows us to introduce you to some of our ModSquad superstars!

In this installment, we’re off to England to meet Clive Jefferies, VP, Sales. Clive started his career as a software developer, building bespoke software solutions ranging from mortgage administration to oil exploration systems. Over the years, he moved through project and product management and even founded his own startup. “Along the way,” he says, “I found time to raise a couple of boys (now hulking men), graduate with an MBA, and live in Portugal, the United States, and Canada. I’ve visited 45 countries on every continent except Antarctica — but still only speak English!” Today, the admitted audiophile enjoys playing with hi-fi hardware as well as reading history books and collecting watches.

In what was fortuitous timing, ModSquad was looking to further expand its foothold into the EU when Clive was seeking a new challenge in his career. Having sold services in the past, he liked what he saw with ModSquad. More than three years later, Clive is firmly entrenched here, bringing in new business to the company and working with our Account Managers to ensure the continued satisfaction of our clients.

“Broadly speaking,” says Clive, “sales is either bringing in new business or working with an existing customer account. Both take hard work and patience!” Those are traits that paid off time and again, as Clive has brought on some of ModSquad’s biggest clients, including one of the world’s biggest video game companies and, most recently, a major credit card network.

One of the joys of the job, for Clive, is his interactions with fellow workers. He recalls with fondness meeting his colleagues at the SXSW conference and appreciates the organization’s welcoming, collegial atmosphere. “ModSquad is one of only a couple of privately owned companies I have worked for, yet despite the size of the business it still maintains the culture of a ‘corner store’ rather than ‘big box’ corporate.”

Maintaining that vibe while working with others across multiple time zones is not something Clive takes for granted. He offers advice on building relationships from your home office: “It’s very easy as a remote worker to forget to communicate. We have all of the tools, so use them. Build lasting friendships with your colleagues just like you would in an office environment.”

As those who’ve had the pleasure of working with Clive will attest, his vibrant personality brightens all of his interactions. And his particular set of skills are similarly beneficial to the company overall. “Sales is the sharp-end of any business,” says Clive. “No sales, no customers, no jobs. My most important role is keeping the lights on for all the Mods.” Would he agree that he excels at the task? Ever the gentleman, Clive demurs. “Modesty forbids!”

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Posted on April 16, 2020

Nice to have Clive on our team! 🙂

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