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Our On-Demand Model Solves Today’s Top 3 CX Staffing Problems

As an in-house CX leader, you might be facing some staffing challenges right now. 

Maybe you run your company’s customer support or content moderation team. Or perhaps you’re in charge of community management and social media for your organization. Or perhaps you’ve already outsourced these services to a traditional vendor. 

In all of these cases, you might be faced with a challenge.  

Applicant Pool: Maybe you’re trying to hire and grow your in-house team, but your applicant pool is still just too shallow.

Budgets: Maybe you’re looking at department budget cuts and trying to figure out how to get the same or more work done with a smaller in-house staff or how to renegotiate an inflexible contract with your vendor.  

Temporary Support: Maybe you’ve got your eye on the upcoming holiday season and know it’s time to start figuring out how to handle the increased temporary support load. Solving this in-house or with inflexible vendors isn’t a great option.  

Fortunately, there’s a better option – one that can fix any of these problems, from ramping up to scaling down to short-term help.

The solution? Flexible, on-demand CX services from ModSquad.

Scale up rapidly when you need to. Our network of Mods means there is always a team of CX experts standing by to jump in and help. They can either augment your existing team or run the whole show.

You can reduce costs without sacrificing coverage or quality by increasing efficiency. Our hourly model means you can get help precisely when coverage demands instead of being stuck with 8-hour shifts. Imagine having the right number of agents handling peak times instead of spreading the load throughout the day or week. No more idle agents.  

And with our short-term contracts, you can get the holiday help you need without being locked into a long-term commitment. Congratulations, you just checked “find seasonal support” off your shopping list. 

We’ve been solving CX challenges like these for the best brands in the world for over 15 years. 

How do we do it? With our customizable platform. We get you exactly the right team with exactly the right tools at exactly the right time. The result? Higher satisfaction, lower costs. And on top of that, we give you unparalleled flexibility and control to keep you prepared for whatever happens tomorrow.
So if you’re ramping up, scaling back, or preparing for the holiday rush, give us a shout.

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