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Jamming with the Musicians of ModSquad

We always enjoy getting to know our fellow Mods better here in the Mod Blog. From time to time we’ve shared glimpses into their talents and hobbies, from painting to crocheting to baking. One skill that we’ve heard mentioned time and time again is music. We’ve got an abundance of musical talent here at ModSquad, and we’d like to take a moment to sing their praises! We’ve invited a few gifted Mods to share some examples of the toe-tapping beats they whip up when they’re not rocking it here at ModSquad. Let’s get ready to rhumba as we meet these marvelous musicians of ModSquad.

From left: Antoine A., Neil C., Misty H., and Liam B.

Antoine A.

First up on our virtual stage is Antoine A. Working for ModSquad suits Antoine perfectly, as it gives him a flexible schedule with the opportunity to pursue his passion for music creation. Antione described his music as “a blend of psychedelic pop that echoes disco and 80s retro futuristic universe.” No matter what you call it, his musical stylings create a chill vibe that we really love. Check out the moody video for his composition “Strangers,” recorded under the name STYZO.

Neil C.

Our second piece comes courtesy of the very talented Neil C. Neil provides technical support to client customers. He explains that his favorite aspect of his role at ModSquad is being able to work with awesome people. When he’s not helping people navigate their tech issues, Neil spends time honing his craft as a singer/songwriter, penning new tunes when inspiration hits. He also takes to the road for talent shows and competitions, and his tunes have taken home a few prizes from these events. After listening to this song, we have to say that we’re not at all surprised.

Misty H.

Next in the spotlight is Misty H. Music has been a constant in Misty’s life, from when she took voice, piano, and dance lessons as a young child. She played violin and flute in school and was a vocal performance major in college. Misty went on to teach elementary-school music, sing with the Natchez, Mississippi Opera Festival, and directed a stage performance of Oklahoma! She’s now the power behind ModSquad’s payroll department, but music is still a big part of Misty’s life. She’s a member of the Houston Show Choir. In the video below, Misty joins her choirmates in a cover of Queen’s “Don’t’ Stop Me Now.” She’s the third soloist featured in the clip.

Liam B.

Finally, if you tuned in to our Extra Life live stream in November, you might just recognize our next musician, Liam B. He donated his time and talent to create beautiful tracks which added a signature sound to the event. A musician since childhood, Liam’s musical journey is an interesting one. He started playing the violin at age 10 before switching his focus to the guitar. Similarly, his taste in music evolved from hard rock and death metal to the cheery electro-pop stylings he shares in this video. In his role at ModSquad, Liam values the ability to connect with people around the world. He has worked on a wide range of projects at ModSquad, which he says helps keep him sharp. This video compiled several of Liam’s compositions into one lively EP.

And with that, we lower the curtain on our musical Mod showcase! We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know these four incredible musicians, each with a style and flare of their own. What can we say but “Encore!”

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