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ModSquad’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

The winter holidays are quickly approaching and we couldn’t be more excited! No matter where you live or what you celebrate, December is all about showing your love and appreciation for friends and family, and giving back to those around you. For some, gift-giving is a pleasure; for others, it’s a stressor on par with sleeping through your alarm on your first day of work.

We recently asked our thousands of Mods around the world what they would love to give or receive this holiday season. From the many responses we received — some serious, some hilarious — we put together our own ModSquad Gift Guide. No matter who you’re shopping for, we’re confident you’ll find a great gift in our lists below.


At ModSquad, we love all things tech. Whether you’re shopping for fun or functionality, brand new gadget or an upgrade to an existing entertainment setup, you’re sure to find something below to delight the tech lover in your life.

  1. Fuse Chicken Titan USB Cables ($14.95-34.95)nes_classic
    “With four cats and a dog in this house, I can never have too many of these.” –Reed G.
  2. Ergonomic Mouse (Logitech seems to have the most popular selection) ($29.99-99.99)
  3. Mini Vintage Bluetooth Stereo from ThinkGeek ($49.99)
  4. NES Classic ($59.99 MSRP… but good luck finding one for any less than $200)
  5. Roku Premiere ($79.99) or a slightly less expensive Streaming Stick ($49.99); Either would go nicely with a Netflix gift card stocking stuffer!
  6. New Xbox One Controller ($39.99-$149.99); or a gift card to design their own custom-color, engraved controller ($89.98)mip_robot
    “We’re a household of gamers and nerds.. Not very creative, but easy to shop for!” –Alicesha S.
  7. MiP Robot ($79.99)
    “This is hard to do if you don’t know the person. Robophobia is real!” –John M.
  8. Kindle Fire HD 8 tablet ($89.99)
  9. Decibullz Earbuds ($119.99)
  10. Beats Headphones ($129.95-399.95)
  11. Blue Yeti Microphone, Blackout Edition ($129.99)
  12. Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid ($129.99, down from $149.99)
  13. Amazon Echo ($179.99)flybrix
  14. Flybrix – Basic Kit ($189); Deluxe Kit ($249.99)*
  15. Nintendo 3DS XL ($199.99)

Home, Food, and Hobby

For many of us, working remotely means spending lots of time at home. Flexible schedules means being able to make time for our favorite hobbies (of which we have many — see for yourself!). This Mod-inspired list is sure to inspire the perfect gift for the foodie/gamer/crafter/cook/homemaker/hobbyist — okay, anyone, really — on your list.

  1. Cookbook ($1.99 and up, depending on Kindle version, paperback, or hardcover)
  2. RTIC Drinkware; Tumblers ($8.99-10.99) or bottles ($9.99-20.99)ninjabread
  3. Fancy/Fun Cooking Utensils; Nothing beats Fred & Friends! Consider these Ninjabread Men cookie cutters ($10) or the Big Blue pot strainer ($9)
  4. Lighted Crochet Hooks (for crocheting dark colored yarn, or in a dimly lit area) (~$10 per hook)
    “I love to crochet, so I am giving homemade gifts this year: blankets, scarves, beanies, and slippers.” –Tammy M.
  5. Italian Coffee Maker; to share (6-cup for $22.49) or not to share (1-cup for $14.99)
    bialetti_coffeemaker“My brother has wanted to steal mine…” –Deborah F.
  6. Cutting Board ($18.49, voted the best cutting board by The Sweet Home)
    “I am aiming to pester my husband for new kitchen-y things. I could especially use some new cutting boards.” –Kay S.
  7. Diamond Candles ($19.99-39.99)
  8. Adult Coloring Books ($12.97) and Colored Pencils ($24.99)
    “I have a tendency to assume everyone is going to like the things I like, but these are sooo relaxing!” –Rebekah G.
  9. Detail Paint Brush Set ($19.97)
  10. Yoga Mat ($21.98-89.98)
  11. Handmade Candles; Etsy has some brilliant handmade creations like this Milkshake Candle ($22), Hazelnut Coffee Candle ($12.95-milkshake_candle$17.95), or the intriguing scent of Unicorn Farts ($12)
  12. Slow Cooker ($49, voted best slow cooker by The Sweet Home)
  13. Bottle of Irish Whiskey; folks in our Londonderry, Northern Ireland office recommend Jameson ($36.99-99.99) or Bushmills ($40-60)
  14. Electric RC Car ($34.99-1,499.99)


You don’t need to be a fashionista to give the gift of style. We’ve put together a list of clothing and accessories that are sure to warm the heart of even the Scrooge-iest friend or family member.puravida_endlesssummer

  1. Pura Vida Bracelets ($5+)*
  2. Handmade Knit Wool Socks ($14.99)
  3. Minus33 Wool Neck Gaiter ($21.99)
  4. Touchscreen Winter Gloves ($29.95 – top touchscreen winter gloves by The Sweet Home)
    “It’s -35°C here!” –Nizar M.moshidigits
  5. Cute Footie Pajamas; festive or fierce ($19.95-$39.95)
  6. Pajamas ($59.99-129.99)
  7. Slippers ($75-100)
    “I would love to give someone a nice pair of cozy slippers.” –Anna C.
  8. J Brand Sweater, Jacket, or Jeans ($98+)*


*These particularly companies are clients of ours. That said, our recommendation in the blog is a genuine recommendation from members of the team.

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