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ModSquad Journeys to the Emerald City for PAX West

This time of year historically has always been busy for the game industry, and this year isn’t any different. With conferences and conventions back in full swing, ModSquad bounced from Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, right on to PAX West in Seattle. Nothing unusual there, as we’ve been attending these conferences for a decade!

As the father of the Penny Arcade Expo conferences, PAX West has always been near and dear to our hearts. This particular conference is a conference for all kinds of gamers  – video gamers, table gamers, role playing gamers, and more. It always includes incredible cosplay competitions as well as informative panels. It’s an awesome event, where gamers of all types can come together. Between the games on the show floor, the merchandise, and the creative costumes, it is a show not to be missed.

Speaking of interesting panels (*ahem*), another reason to love PAX shows is because they give ModSquad the opportunity to bring together some of the game industry’s brightest folks to put on our “Game Industry Career” panels, which we did again this year. Always very well attended, we believe these panels are a great way to give back to the PAX community, many of whom are very interested in working in the game industry (which is a business that can sometimes be a bit shrouded in mystery). The purpose of the Game Industry Careers panels is to show that there are lots of ways to get into the business and thrive. 

But it’s not just all play at PAX. Seattle is a hotbed of game development, so many game companies come to the conference to show off their games. Of course, ModSquad is embedded in the game industry between our friends and clients, so we made sure to spend a lot of time chatting with industry folks who are interested in the CX trends that ModSquad has been seeing lately. It might sound kind of nerdy, but we do love talking shop!

Shows like PAX West prove that there is so much more to games than just sitting behind a computer monitor or even around a table with a small group of friends. Gamers are a community, and ModSquad is all about communities. We’re proud to have been a part of PAX for so long and, as always, it was great to be there again!

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