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ModSquad at Gamescom `22

It’s a wrap!

We were excited to be back in Cologne at the end of August participating in the live event. It was back in full force. Attendees included major game companies, a surprising number of indie titles, and, of course, us.

Clive Jefferies, VP of Sales

Special thanks to our host – UKIE – the trade association for the UK game industry. With our long history of offering player support and our Operations Center in Derry-Londonderry, we felt right at home. We made the rounds visiting with clients and partners talking about all things support, moderation, and trust and safety.

We love that Gamescom is truly an event for all– passes are affordable and come with a ticket to ride on Germany’s venerable train system. That means of the 265,000 that showed up, there were tons of gamers in addition to industry folks. Saturday was sold out, which was awesome to see. The energy was incredible.

Gamescom 2022

There is always something to be learned at Gamescom as the industry evolves. Clive Jefferies, VP of Sales, offered some key takeaways from this year’s discussions with game companies: “The only way the cost of making AAA games shall be reduced is through the use of AI.” His other take? “The platforms shall eventually rule games, as they do music and video.” Time will tell!

CXO Rich Weil picked up another emerging theme: combining CX services in support of creator programs. “We’re seeing a new trend in user generated content (UGC), specifically in environments such as Unity and Unreal Engine. On the one hand we provide technical support to players as they build. Then we moderate those creations before they can be sold in-game. With creator programs gaining popularity, we expect to work on more projects like this soon. We also expect more and more online casinos to start implementing microtransactions in their slot games; according to Italian gambling authority, there are more than 100 online casino games in Italy which offer microtransactions today.”

Rich Weil, CXO

We can’t wait for next year. We’ll be buying tickets early and plotting where to grab the perfect Kolsch. See you there!

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