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Mods on Tour: ModSquad & Tourism Ireland Explore the Local Food Scene

We love the brands we represent. In fact, we pride ourselves on working with passion in everything that we do. It’s one of the things that makes ModSourcing so unique.

When it comes to our work with our client Tourism Ireland, there’s a whole lot to love. Every single day we get to engage and inspire customers who dream to one day visit Ireland. Much of our team here at ModSquad is made up of Tourism Ireland’s ultimate customers — visitors to the island of Ireland who fell in love with the place and its people and decided to make it a home.

We recognize the deep, unabiding love that our customers have for the Emerald Isle, because we feel it, too. We know the perfect time of year to visit, festival to attend, or train route to take based on an individual’s needs, because we have experienced it first-hand and we use that knowledge to help Tourism Ireland’s customers.

The best way to learn is by doing, which is the ethos behind these cultural immersion events called FAM (familiarity) trips. Tourism industry professionals will often experience new places and attractions in order to promote them more effectively. Just this week, we had the joy of experiencing even more of the island with our friends at Tourism Ireland, on a FAM trip designed to introduce our Mods to new local experiences. In this case, we explored the food scene in Belfast (just a few hours from our Derry Operations Center), ably guided by Taste and Tour. We made our way through four iconic establishments in the city, learning, tasting, and experiencing for ourselves what makes this place so special. Now, when a customer asks where they can find great vegan food in Northern Ireland (among other things), we’ll know the where, the when, and the how.

Enjoy this photo roundup of our culinary tour of Belfast. Special thanks to Tourism Ireland for an amazing day and Taste and Tour for the incredible experience! We’ll be carrying these lessons with us into our engagement and beyond.

Our Mods at The Crown Bar, Belfast: (left to right) Marcella D., Christoph S. (Tourism Ireland), Francesco U., Marta D., Melin vd K., Colin K., Jenny Y., Steve D., Gordon M.

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