Moderation by the Mods

Our Mods have a pretty groovy rep to uphold. We travel through the digital world on our shiny virtual Vespas, cruising the streets as we patrol our clients’ communities. When it comes to online moderation, there’s no resource quite like the Mods.

Who Are the Mods?

Our 10,000+ Mods come from all across the globe, from college students to stay-at-home moms to industry pros working a side gig. Men and women, young and old, we speak more than 50 languages and dialects and live in more than 50 countries. If it sounds like a disparate group, it is, but we have more in common than you’d suspect.

IMG_9730 copyOur Mods are web-savvy. We are no digital novices. The Mods are experienced online professionals with backgrounds in customer support, community management, social media, even tech support. Yes, our managers look after the Mods as we support the world’s coolest brands, but the Mods don’t need any hand-holding either. Each Mod knows the ropes; and each one has specialized fields of interest, with a background to match.

Our Mods also share an essential element: passion. That’s the driving force that sets us apart from your run-of-the-mill cube-farm workers. At Metaverse, we thrive on that passion, and use it to match our clients’ needs with the Mods who best fulfill their requirements:

  • Region and native language? Check.
  • Work experience? We’ve got it covered.
  • Availability at certain times or days? No problem.
  • An inherent understanding of your community and a passion for your brand? We have just the Mods for you!

Okay, you have a clearer vision of who makes up our Squad of Mods. But when they’re deployed to moderate content and engage with users online, what exactly does that entail?

IMG_9849 copyMetaverse Moderation

Mods are always out there serving as the voice of many of the world’s best companies. With today’s customers communicating with their favorite brands and with other enthusiasts, it’s a tough task to keep up with all the chatter. Companies know that in order to have meaningful conversations with their fans and customers, they need to respond to compliments and complaints 24/7. That’s where the Mods can help.

Across all platforms (websites, social media, mobile, apps, games), the Mods are monitoring and engaging in conversations with users worldwide. We make sure that the rules of the community are upheld and that there’s a safe, welcoming environment for all who participate. The Mods also review content posted by the audience (text, photos, videos) and assist virtual visitors. We’ll pass along critical information to the product owner in the case of a serious situation, and  keep an eye out for libelous material, copyright infringement, abusive or illegal behavior, and spam. (That’s when we’re wearing our community-watch hats.)

Chances are, you’ve already experienced our Mods hard at work without even realizing it. If you’ve spent any time interacting with companies online via communities, forums, social media, or support portals, you may have been engaging with one of our Mods. And we’ll bet it was a positive interaction.

The Mods of Metaverse. We are the ultimate resource for companies looking to connect with their customers in today’s online and mobile universe. We are unique. We are united.

We are the Mods.

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