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Mod Passions: Your Brand is Our Way of Life

We recently kicked off an engagement to support a nationally recognized ice cream manufacturer with their social media marketing campaigns. When it came time to select the best people to champion this engagement, we sought Mods with a passion to match the project. Now you may be thinking, I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream, right? But we weren’t looking for Mods who love just any ice cream. We were searching for (and found) Mods whose freezers were already stocked with the client’s products.

Since the very beginning, our company has prided itself on matching our client needs with the perfect Mod for the job. Our founder and CEO, Amy Pritchard, wrote:

Passion is what we look for in the customer-engagement pros we invite to be part of ModSquad. An interest in the art of customer engagement is helpful, but it’s far less important than a passion for the product and companies we represent. It’s why we can make the bold claim that our Mods are customers of the companies they represent.

This commitment to a Mod network of “fans for hire” remains core to our business. There is a large, diverse range of passions among our 10,000+ Mods (in fact, you can find a few quirky hobbies among us, too). When we match our Mods with the clients and brands they know and believe in, that’s where the true magic is made.

Take, for example, a tourism marketing client, an organization whose purpose is to inform and inspire potential visitors about travel to their island. Now imagine a Mod who once visited that island and fell so in love with the culture and the place that it became a second home to them. Who better to provide personalized recommendations of things to see and do, or to answer questions about the practicalities of flying, exchanging money, and getting around, than someone who has experienced it all as a traveler themselves? Now imagine numerous such Mods, proficient in several languages and available to support potential travelers across any digital platform. It is within this context that our Mods can connect and share with customers in a way that helps to create the perfect trip.

This same passion shines through our on-trend Mods in the fashion space. Beyond a love for clothes, we have true fashionistas in our midst, with a range of interests from the latest fashions to sewing. Just as we would search for Mods with freezers full of our client’s ice cream brand, we also identify Mods who have closet space dedicated to our client’s garments. Because our Mods wear and care for our client’s products, as well as preview the new line each season, they are able to speak to customers with confidence when advising on fit, fabrications, and product care.

Within our Mod pool, we have agility and diversity, not just in geography, language skills, and talent, but also in passion. It is this passion that sets our Mods apart, both in their dedication to our clients and their triple-scoop level of service to customers.

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