Mod of the Month — September 2020

Many years ago, the concept of social media engagement didn’t exist. Today, social media professionals must demonstrate a wide range of skills, including copywriting, digital or multimedia content production, and data analysis — not to mention a good mind for customer service and community management. That may seem like a lot of boxes to check off, but Antoine A., our Setepmber Mod of the Month, has demonstrated exceptional skill in all of these categories.

Three years ago, Antoine was working as a community manager for a beverage company in Belgium when he heard about ModSquad. He recognized that his skills and experience were a great match for the role. “I have a masters in public relations and I wrote my thesis on social media and music in media,” Antoine says. He made it through the application process and began his Mod journey.

As a Mod working on social media engagement for a travel/tourism company, Antoine often finds himself having conversations with people from many different countries. Being able to speak three languages certainly helps expand his ability to connect with people, which is one of his favorite things about his role. He’s a world traveler who has an appreciation for both the futuristic streets of Tokyo and the untouched nature of the French Alps. Having this first-hand experience in many locations around the globe has, says Antoine, made him a better community manager. “I can totally relate to the client’s mission. I’ve been to the places and done the things that the customers want to do.”

Antoine journals his travels through his Instagram account, which shows his impressive photographic talent. Yet his first artistic passion is for creating music, and we can attest to his skills in that arena. With his natural talent for digital content creation, Antoine is well equipped to recognize and elevate user-generated content on the social platforms that he manages.

Antoine appreciates the relationships that he’s developed with those at ModSquad. He feels empowered by his coworkers, which is important to his sense of fulfillment; it also inspires Antoine to maintain high standards of excellence for himself.

Our featured Mod is not merely a hit with the customers he engages with online, he’s also earned the respect of his peers at ModSquad. Just take a look at some of the things they’ve said about Antoine: 

“Recently, our client has been hosting a lot of Facebook live streams during the pandemic as a way to keep their fans and visitors connected to their brand. Antoine is a complete pro at preparing and engaging with viewers during the live streams.”
— Colin K., Project Manager

“Antoine is fully trilingual, extremely pleasant to work with, and very skilled and talented. He’s a great communicator, takes up activities with great enthusiasm, and always brings fantastic insights and knowledge into whatever he does.”
— Laura M., Management Consultant

“Upon joining a complicated project, Antoine quickly learned the workflow, was very efficient and productive, and did high-quality work.”
— Charlotte B., Project Manager

To cap things off, we played a round of “Flavor of the Month” with Antoine. What do you think — do his responses hint at his Dutch roots and mature palette?

Ice cream: Mango

Coffee creamer: None. I drink black coffee.

Pie: Apple cinnamon

Starburst: Orange

Juice: Banana-berry

Dipping sauce: Andalouse 

Salad dressing: Balsamic vinegar

Candle: Vanilla

Soft drink: Coca-Cola Classic

Spice/seasoning: Ras el hanout; I use it when I make couscous with tuna.

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Sheryl Thompson
Posted on September 29, 2020

Well-deserved. Congratulations!

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