Mod of the Month — May 2023

Our most recent Mod of the Month is a bilingual Brazilian that is well known here at ModSquad for her laugh, love of animals, and of course for going above and beyond. With a background in customer service and a belief in empathy both on and off the clock, Fernanda A. delivers service that guarantees a smile.

A desire for a flexible work environment drew her to ModSquad. When her old job offered to relocate her, she declined in order to care for her mother, who was suffering from the effects of a stroke. Moving would have left her mother without support, which Fernanda refused to do.

What Fernanda needed was a job where she didn’t have to choose between success and family. ModSquad delivered. She describes, “The great lesson is that we should never abandon someone we love and we should always have empathy.”

Empathy is a running theme with Fernanda and is the core of what makes her such an incredible Mod. She strives to put herself in the customer’s shoes, to understand what they need, and how she can best help. “It also gives me time to properly investigate the customer issues and provide the best response.” She explains.

Let’s not forget her work history also makes her a pro. She has a degree in Business Administration, specializing in customer service, and 23 years working in the tech industry. Fernanda definitely has the experience to handle any scenario that comes her way.

Outside of work, Fernanda loves to entertain her friends and family with a barbecue and Videoke performance or a game of Pictionary.

She also has a passion for books. Her collection includes biographies, detective novels and history books as well as classics, thrillers, and horror. She likes Carnival, doing crosswords, and has an obsession for organization.

Here’s what Fernanda’s colleagues have to say about her:

“Fernanda is hardworking, reliable, helpful, and kind to others. She has been instrumental in creating Portuguese language macros for our project and has received high praise from management. She does a great job, and deserves recognition for it, what more can I say?”
– Jacqueline F.

“Fernanda is a true asset to the team.”
– Stephen B.

“I work with Fernanda on two of my projects and she is doing such a great job. She’s an amazing Mod who continues to help out with the Portuguese language work. She’s excellent on the CS side of things and moderating content.”
– Stephany V.

“She is professional, asks good questions at the right time, is friendly, and has a can-do attitude!”
– Victoria S.

“Fernanda is the very definition of an awesome Mod! Our project is very demanding, and she handles it with grace and constant professionalism. She’s an amazing, kind, and thoughtful person, and any project is lucky to have her!”
– Danielle G.

“An absolutely stellar Mod!”
– Daneille A.

Before we sign off, here are a few of Fernanda’s favorite things:

Favorite movie: Gone with the Wind (1939)
Favorite TV show: Talk shows
Favorite book: One Hundred Years Of Solitude – Gabriel García Márquez
Favorite musical artist or group: Tom Jobim (Bossa Nova style in Brazil)
What is your go-to motivation song? “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” – Tears for Fears

Come work with great people like Fernanda. Join the Mods today!

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