Mod of the Month – May 2022

At ModSquad, our Mods are experts in a wide range of services, from online engagement to moderation and  trust & safety to digital community management. And, of course, we specialize in providing top notch customer support for the world’s best brands. Mods speak with customers all around the world, representing our clients and putting a human touch on each and every interaction. One such support Mod is our latest Mod of the Month. Give it up for someone who never “phones it in,” the amiable Scott M.

Before he came to ModSquad, Scott worked a variety of jobs, including as a radio host. His experience talking to listeners who called into the station laid the foundation for this current customer service role.

As a customer support Mod, Scott works chats, tickets, and, of course, phones. While he’s mastered the art of providing exceptional support, it’s on the phone that you can really hear Scott shine. It’s his favorite method of support communication, so much so that there have been times where our clients report that their customers have called specifically requesting to speak with Scott. Talk about leaving a lasting impression!

Scott attributes much of his success to how ModSquad onboards and supports the Mods. He particularly cites the depth of resources available to Mods, which ensures that he always has the information he needs to deliver exceptional service. “From day one, there’s a great web of support,” he explains. “They want you to succeed and give you the tools to do so.” It’s one of the reasons Scott recommends ModSquad to those considering CX work: “I really like the flexibility and the variety of project opportunities. If someone is looking to enter the remote workforce in a gradual way, ModSquad should be their first stop.”

Of course, information is only part of the equation! Knowing how to solve a problem starts with understanding what that problem is. That’s why Scott describes listening as one of the fundamental tenets of his job. For him, this philosophy came from the book How to Win Friends and Influence People, from which he quotes, “no matter the situation, people want to be heard.” By starting every exchange by actively listening, Scott guarantees customers feel that their concerns are being heard.

Speaking of winning friends, Scott’s colleagues have a lot to say about his skills and great rapport with customers:

“Our clients love Scott and his work. They think he’s amazing, and I agree! He knows how to interact with customers and is always friendly. He doesn’t hesitate to step up and help when needed. He’s the perfect example of a Mod with his fantastic work ethic and positivity!”
— Melissa L., Project Manager

“Scott is amazing. He has impressed us and the clients on all of his projects. He is one of a kind, always willing to help in any way, and he always goes above and beyond. If I could clone anyone, it would be him. We need more people like Scott in this world!”
— Lisa T., Assistant Project Manager

“Scott goes above and beyond! He’s always in top form.”
— Mike P., Account Manager

“Our client loves Scott and only has positive feedback when his name is mentioned. It’s a pleasure to have him on our project!”
— Mark C., Account Manager

Before we go, here are a few of Scott’s favorite things:

Favorite movie: GoodFellas
Favorite TV show: Mystery Science Theater 3000
Favorite book: A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson
Favorite musical artist or group: I love music too much to single anyone out, but I guess it starts with the Beatles. And Bach.
What is your go-to motivation song? “Comeback Kid” by Sharon Van Etten

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