Mod of the Month — January 2020

Our first Mod of the Month of the new decade brings us to our European Operations Center in Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Please join us in celebrating a regular “Mr. Positive,” Darren B!

Three years ago, Darren and his girlfriend heard about ModSquad, and the opportunity to work remotely enticed them both to apply. From the day he started with ModSquad, Darren enjoyed the fun and engaging style of the company. And it probably doesn’t hurt that his girlfriend started on the same day — talk about an inseparable couple!

Since then, Darren’s impressive customer service skills have powered his positivity on a number of projects. Part of what makes him so bright and cheerful is being surrounded by similarly upbeat folks. For Darren, the best thing about ModSquad is the squad itself.

“I love being able to work with such amazing Project Managers. They’re some of the kindest, most incredible people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with! Everyone in every project I’ve worked on has been supportive and friendly, and I feel that I’ve met some friends for life.”

Another core service that Darren mastered is social media moderation. With his eagle eyes and keen understanding of online safety, Darren keeps client communities safe and fun for their members. Even in those ever-changing environments, Darren’s vigilance, patience, and dedication prove to be his strengths. Darren particularly enjoys seeing the creativity of the communities he serves, noting that he’s likely to discover and learn new things on a daily basis.

Before bringing his people skills to ModSquad, Darren had a job that prepared him to deal with people from all walks of life. As bartender in one of Derry’s most popular pubs, he got experience keeping a cool head in all sorts of situations. The confidence he exuded in that fast-paced setting still shines through today. It was later on, during his time providing customer support to the UK’s leading broadband/TV provider and a popular mobile phone provider, when he caught the customer-care bug. Darren finds helping others rewarding.

When he’s not working, Darren spends time with his girlfriend and their mischievous but lovable cat, Echo. Music is a big part of Darren’s life, and he plays everything from blues and funk to rock and metal on his electric guitar. He reserves his acoustic guitar for open-tuning arrangements. Darren’s big musical inspirations are Rory Gallagher, John Frusciante, Alex Lifeson, Jimi Hendrix, and Tool’s Adam Jones.

When we asked Darren’s Project Managers to offer their thoughts on this month’s featured Mod, they jumped at the chance to sing his praises:

“For me, what makes Darren special is his attitude. He’s super dependable, extremely capable, and a joy to work with. He’s not afraid to take on new challenges and does so with a smile on his face.”
— Janice B., Project Manager

“Darren is flexible and reliable. His positivity is encouraging to everyone who works with him. Our client often uses his engagement skills as examples for positive feedback. He’s quick to volunteer for any task or shift that needs coverage. Darren is definitely my go-to person!”
— Kristi M., Project Manager

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Teresa Taylor
Posted on January 30, 2020

I’m cheering over here! I really miss working with you… Congratulations!

Posted on January 30, 2020


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