Mod of the Month — February 2020

February’s Mod of the Month proves that when you’re a customer service superstar, it doesn’t take long to get recognized and praised at ModSquad. Please join us in celebrating our latest featured talent, Pamela W.

Pamela came to us with years of experience in the corporate world. After working in big business, she took a break to focus on her family and to enjoy life as a mother. Energetic dynamo that she is, Pamela wound up using her marketing and networking skills to create an educational and cognitive development group for parents of young children. Serving the local community and nearby Fort Bragg in North Carolina, the group was “an amazing experience,” recalls Pamela. “It led to lifelong friendships for many of us to this day.”

It was through a member of that group that Pamela heard about ModSquad. After learning of the company’s strong reputation and the flexibility of the Mod work model, she was convinced. With an enthusiastic referral from her friend, Pamela applied to be a Mod. She came on in 2019 and quickly made her mark.

With her impressive customer service skills, Pamela strives to ensure that all of the people she assists via phone are happy and satisfied by call’s end. How does she manage that? Pamela chalks it up to knowledge of her product, her natural friendliness, great listening skills, and confidence in her abilities — traits shared by all of our Mods of the Month! Pamela is enthusiastic about her future at ModSquad, calling the company and those she works with “professional, approachable, and honest.”

“From the recruitment process to tech to all of the managers and fellow Mods, support is friendly and abundant. I have found if I reach out, there’s always someone who will reach back. That matters a great deal in a virtual environment. In terms of making people feel valued and heard, ModSquad blows the roof off any virtual company I’ve had the pleasure to work with. It means a great deal.”

In her personal time, Pamela helps a local animal rescue group find loving homes for animals in need. She also uses some of her seemingly limitless energy as a passionate activist member of PFLAG. Finally, as an avid conversationalist, Pamela’s always up for a good chat, so be sure to leave a comment below to congratulate her. In the meantime, here’s what some ModSquad managers had to say about Pamela.

“Pamela is always eager to help. She has a positive attitude and great customer service skills. Her service delivery has always been consistent and never disappoints. She’s outstanding, always going above and beyond whenever she’s working with customers.”
— Ann S., Assistant Project Manager

“Pamela is amazing. She can definitely make anyone’s day a lot brighter. She delivers perfect quality week after week and has her very own friendly and charismatic style. She always finds a way to relate to the caller and reassures them she’s listening and working hard to help them out. She’s also a team player and is always participating actively.”
— Gloriana C., Assistant Project Manager

“Pamela is awesome. She always has a positive attitude, and her tone and attention to detail are top-notch. Pamela 4ever! ❤️”
— Lauren W., Project Manager

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Talk Back

Posted on February 27, 2020

You are a dynamo Pamela! I’m exhausted just reading about everything you do! 🙂 Thanks for bringing your enthusiasm to ModSquad! Super congratulations!

Paulette Carey
Posted on February 27, 2020


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