Mod of the Month — December 2020

Moderation is an integral part of our business here at ModSquad. Our very name is a reflection of the moderation work our earliest Mods first performed way back in 2007. We provide moderation services (among other offerings) in 50+ languages and dialects to companies located all around the world. Only top candidates are selected as Mods, and of those, the very best are named Mod of the Month. One such person is our December Mod of the Month, Melanie R.

Melanie just celebrated seven rewarding years here at ModSquad. She currently moderates forums and social media for clients in the lifestyle, gaming, and transportation spaces. When it comes to providing moderation services for those industries, it’s all about each organization’s rulebook. Melanie starts each engagement by learning the clients’ preferences and standards for user-generated content. “I feel I excel at moderation,” she says. Melanie’s talent for moderation continually impresses ModSquad’s Project Managers.

You might say that for Melanie, working for ModSquad runs in the family. “A couple of family members already worked for ModSquad,” she explains. “They highly recommended the company.” This isn’t unusual at ModSquad; we’ve written before about relatives working for the company. To us, referring a family member to ModSquad is the highest form of flattery!

One thing about working at ModSquad that Melanie loves is that it’s a remote position. “I was looking for something where I could work from home,” she says. “I admit, it’s one of my favorite perks.” Collaborating with a remote workforce has other draws for Melanie. “I really like the fact that ModSquad is an international company, and we get to meet and work with people from all around the world.”

In her personal life, Melanie has always been part of a big family. The oldest of five children, she grew up with four brothers. To this day, she still has a lively household, filling her home with four cats and a dog. In her down time, Melanie enjoys drawing and diamond art (the use of plastic beads, or “diamonds,” to create mosaic-like patterns). Intellectually curious, Melanie is always pushing herself to learn about new subjects. Topics of particular interest include astronomy and the science of volcanism, or volcanic activity.

Colleagues of our December Mod of the Month were excited to share their experiences with Melanie, offering words of high praise:

“Melanie is so good at what she does! On my project, she is the go-to person, the unsung hero. She is a fountain of knowledge and helps me, the client, and everyone else on the project.”
— Kristi M., Project Manager

“Melanie has been with ModSquad for a very long time, and she has always done top-notch work!”
— Michelle R., Associate Recruiter

“I’ve come to rely on Melanie on my projects, just as other Project Managers have. She is dependable, always willing to help, and an expert on every project she works on. Her attention to detail is amazing. She’s the perfect choice for Mod of the Month!”
— Teresa M., Project Manager

“Melanie is always very dependable and engaged. We’ve had timely issues on client forums, and Melanie is the first to notice and report those issues so we can resolve them quickly with the client.”
— Geneva H., Project Manager

As we speak with our featured Mods, we like to play a little game at the end of the interview. This month, we asked Melanie to play a holiday-themed version of This or That. We gave her two options and she shared her selections for each.

Gas fireplace or wood burning fireplace?
Wood burning fireplace.

Peppermint candy cane or fruit flavored candy cane?
Peppermint candy cane.

Give gifts or receive gifts?
Give gifts.

Frosty or Rudolph?

Snow or no snow?

Egg nog or milk?
Egg nog.

Turkey or ham?

Candles or lights?

Holiday songs on the radio/streaming or your own playlist?

Skiing or snowboarding?

Hot chocolate or coffee/tea?
Hot chocolate.

Please join us in congratulating Melanie in the comments section below.

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Congratulations Melanie!

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