Mod of the Month — August 2022

A major benefit of ModSquad’s remote model is that we better serve our clients (and their customers) by attracting top talent from all over the world. This includes our latest Mod of the Month. He was born in France and now lives in Germany — let’s meet Sébastien B.!

Each Mod follows a different path that leads to ModSquad. Having made the move to Germany about five years ago, Sébastien was looking for a job that allowed him to work in his native French. That led him to ModSquad, where he found his place. The flexibility of scheduling his own hours gave Sébastien what he needed to settle into his new home and still have time to dote on his two children.

“ModSquad’s flexibility really suits my preferred lifestyle,” says Sébastien. “Being able to avoid traffic and public transport during the pandemic and working in a comfortable place I love is great! It was especially nice when my kids were relatively young. Being a Mod gives me a lot of opportunities to spend time with them.”

Like most of us at ModSquad, Sébastien has his finger on the pulse of pop culture. An avid lover of movies and television, he has a long list of beloved shows, films, and books that spark his imagination. He keeps a special place in his heart for science fiction. So if you ever want to get him talking, just mention one of his favorite shows, like The X-Files, Westworld, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

In addition to television and cinema, Sébastien also adores Japanese role-playing games, like those in the Xenoblade Chronicles and the SaGa series.

It was his love for pop culture that made the transition to being a Mod so easy. On one of his first projects, Sébastien was thrilled to work with a company he had closely followed and admired. That’s fairly common at ModSquad; we try to match Mods with projects and brands they love. Not only was Sébastien able to see how things worked within the company, but he was able to spend his days chatting and helping people who shared his passions. We call that a win-win!

Helping people is where Sébastien truly shines as a Mod. With years of support experience under his belt, he easily assists people with their questions and concerns. I worked in brick and mortar retail and phone customer service for other tech companies,” he explains. “But it’s at ModSquad where I’ve learned the most. We have high standards for customer service and CX processes.” 

One of his favorite experiences at ModSquad is when a customer he helps comes back to thank him for his time and support. We agree, that is a great feeling!

Of course, it’s not just customers who praise Sébastien; his colleagues have nothing but good things to say as well:

“I’ve worked with Sébastien for years on different projects, and he has shown himself to be a rock star on every one. His performance and the quality of his work are always stellar. I wish we could clone him!”
— Anna V., Management Consultant – Project Manager

“Sébastien has an outstanding work ethic. I always want him on my projects.”
— Victoria S., Management Consultant – Assistant Project Manager

“Sébastien consistently brings to the table professionalism, talent, and incredible reliability. He’s always there when we need him and happy to lend a helping hand.”
— Tanya B., Management Consultant – Assistant Project Manager

“Sébastien always exceeds expectations.”
— Cory B., Assistant Project Manager

“Sébastien’s skills are second to none! He’s detailed, very engaged, and proactive with any tasks he handles. He picks things up super fast. Sebastien rocks and does a stellar job!”
— Matea M., Management Consultant – Project Manager

“Sébastien is always dedicated and offers to help anytime we need.”
— Julien V., Management Consultant – Assistant Community Manager

Want to learn more about how to become a Mod? Click here.

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Posted on August 23, 2022

Congratulations! Well-deserved recognition Sébastien!! Glad you are part of ModSquad!

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