Mod of the Month – April 2022

Spring is well underway in the northern hemisphere, and our April Mod of the Month is certainly a breath of fresh air! With a knack for customer support and an understanding for what customers need, it’s easy to see why her colleagues are singing her praises. But her aptitude for keeping customers happy is just the tip of the iceberg! Join us as we get to know the talented Tammy M.

Tammy understands that part of delivering excellent service is knowing the customer base, as well as their own needs. “I work with quite a few customers who aren’t always that tech savvy when it comes to accessing websites,” she explains. “I believe they can tell that I truly have empathy for them and want to work to make everything an easy and worry free experience.”

We’ve heard it from Mods of the Month before, but it always bears repeating: Delivering an empathy-first approach is the key to success! This starts by knowing your customers and their unique needs. Not every customer may have the same level of technical knowledge, so it’s important to be ready to provide support and advice.

Even our clients rave about Tammy. One offered the following words of praise: “Tammy is an incredibly reliable agent. When a customer writes in with a problem, Tammy does the digging to understand the backstory and comes to us with all possible resolutions. She goes above and beyond for the customer. She is a great communicator and always sets the customer’s expectations for the resolution. Tammy is kind, passionate, and has wonderful phone etiquette. She has been on our project for a long time, and we can’t imagine things without her!”

Here at ModSquad, Tammy’s own colleagues also have great words to share:

“Tammy has worked on at least one of my projects since 2014, and on her current project since 2017. She continues to excel and go above and beyond for both ModSquad and the client. She’s the most reliable Mod I’ve worked with. She takes on any task you give her with a great attitude!”
— Tera T., Project Manager

“Tammy is an amazing asset to projects, and the clients love her!”
— Stark M., Assistant Project Manager

When not at work, Tammy can be found making memories with her family. This includes three sons, three daughters, and 11 grandchildren, with one more on the way. In addition, she also has three dogs, a cat, a parakeet… even a betta fish!

As if her family doesn’t keep her busy enough, Tammy manages to find time to excel in her hobbies. One of her favorites is the Japanese art of amigurumi, or crocheting yarn toys and figures. Tammy was kind enough to share a few of these pieces with us.

Can we just say, these are absolutely adorable! With that dose of cuteness to brighten the day, we’ll say goodbye for now.

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Talk Back

Posted on April 26, 2022

You are amazing and we are lucky to have you!! Thanks for all you do! CONGRATS!

    Posted on April 26, 2022

    Congrats Tammy! It has been the greatest pleasure and honor to work alongside of you. You were definitely a huge support to me from the start! Thank you for always being so patient with my many questions!

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