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Mod Hobbies: These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

We at ModSquad are a diverse crew. Not only do we speak over 50 languages, live in 70 countries, and have unique professional and personal backgrounds, but we also spend our free time in all sorts of ways.

From crochet to cosplay, cooking to coffee roasting, fan fiction and more, our Mods do it all. Below, you’ll hear from a number of us about what we do when we’re not managing communities, supporting customers, or moderating content.

My hobby is horseback riding. I started in college and rode on and off for about seven years, but last year, I finally started riding regularly at a local club. The feeling of freedom while galloping over an endless meadow is the absolute best feeling and cure for stress anybody could ever imagine. This year, I hope I can start competing with my horse in showjumping and dressage. Wish us luck!” — Matea Makek

I have plenty of hobbies, but here I’ll focus on cooking. I started cooking 20 years ago, when I was 14, but the passion really took hold when I was 18. Maybe being Italian helps a lot, but I strongly believe that cooking is an art in which you can put so much effort, emotion, and creativity.

“I have traveled to almost 80 countries, and I always try to learn some local recipes, so I don’t specialize in a specific cuisine; instead, I prepare anything that is delicious and inspires me.” — Marco Scardella

I’ve been knitting and crocheting since I was a teenager (I learned from books, because YouTube wasn’t a thing yet!), but it wasn’t until more recently that I really got into it. Finding friends and community, as well as having access to such a vast amount of patterns (oh, Ravelry) really opened up a whole new world for me.

“My favorite thing to make are blankets, particularly ‘ugly’ ones. The more ridiculous and outlandish the pattern and colors, the better. Who cares if you’re snuggled up under something garish so long as you’re warm?” — M. Leigh Green

“I have always liked art, and have started getting into Zentangle art. It helps to ease anxiety and stress.”  — Teresa Taylor

Fire spinning! I discovered it through mutual friends while I was photographing events in Atlanta back in 2011. My specialty is hoops. I love playing with fire because it’s exciting and delightful to see the looks on the faces of spectators who have never before seen fire performance. It’s also great exercise!” — Christy Conley

I make cosplay materials. I’ve been doing it off and on the last five years and find it extremely relaxing. It’s so nice to sit down with materials and watch something take shape in front of you.” — Ian Guinard

My hobby is live storytelling. In my early twenties, I had a job on a world-traveling cruise ship, and I came home with a bunch of crazy stories. I started to perfect how I told them, like a comedian crafts a joke, figuring out the best places to add a pause and playing around with the structure.

“Eventually I started a live storytelling show in the basement of a bar in downtown Portland. Now I perform occasionally at bigger theaters and festivals. I love being onstage and connecting with a large audience. In a world of mostly digital connections, it’s great to share stories and create real human connections with total strangers.” — Jason Potter

Paranormal Investigating! In 2013, I had an experience that had me curious about the paranormal and it led to me doing a lot of research. Only recently have I picked up actually investigating places for the paranormal. I know not everyone believes in the paranormal, but I truly enjoy it because I love looking into the history of the locations I investigate, and I love the thrill of not knowing what’s going to happen or who you’ll find yourself communicating with or capturing on footage, whether it’s voice, video, or photos. Overall, it’s amazing. I always find myself becoming more and more interested in it all.” — Hazel Doss

I love great coffee! When I was 19 years old, I moved to Santa Barbara, California. I walked into a coffee house that roasted its own coffee and I knew right then that I wanted to do that. About eight years ago, I started roasting coffee in a frying pan in my driveway, five of six ounces at a time, just so I could have great fresh coffee for myself. Now I roast 10 to 12 pounds at a time!” — Alisa Frye

I love to write. Right now, I’m trying to write a novel. It’s coming along pretty well. I’m four chapters in and have the first chapter and a half workshopped pretty well. I’ve been working on this particular project actively for about six months, but have wanted to be an author for years upon years.” — Rochelle Harper

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Talk Back

Jenny Young
Posted on April 10, 2018

Hearing about these interesting hobbies makes me really proud to be a Mod, absolutely epic. Jason, your bit about creating human connections with strangers through storytelling gave me serious feels. Love it! Thanks for sharing, everyone. 🙂

Robert Hope
Posted on April 6, 2018

This is amazing!

Posted on April 5, 2018

We are working with some amazing people here 🙂

Posted on April 5, 2018

Holy Moly – what a bunch of talented creative people!! Fire Spinning?!?! Wow. I have friends who Zentangle Teresa. And I want to go to Marco’s for dinner! Yum! 🙂 Everyone is sooo talented. Go Mods!

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