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Why Many Customer Support Teams Have Their Heads in the Cloud

From chatbot integration to supporting virtual communities, ModSquad has remained on the leading edge of the latest customer service technologies in an ongoing effort to maintain the same level of high-scoring, efficient support our clients expect. To that end, we’ve worked within a vast selection of support environments over the years, from clients’ homegrown systems to the world’s biggest CS software solutions. From those engagements, we take our findings and bring them to each and every new opportunity, working to bring our clients the best solution for their operations.

When it comes to technologies that can propel organizations forward by driving scalability, the world is moving to solutions like chatbots and AI. But one trend that has remained consistent over the years is the ever-increasing reliance by companies upon cloud-based software like Talkdesk, a browser-based call center provider that offers clients flexibility while delivering ease of use. The shift from traditional software models, with their dated interactive voice response menus, is more than understandable; to think otherwise seems archaic.

But there’s more than a simple setup and integration that’s prompting this shift to the cloud. The recent bankruptcy of Avaya as it worked to unload its call center business had many in the industry biting their nails, feeling an urgency to develop a new strategy. And with no new equipment to buy (we all have browsers already, don’t we?), cloud software becomes immediately more attractive. And it doesn’t stop there. Dig deeper and you’ll see that these systems offer greater security, an easier way to manage remote agents, simple upgrades, live reporting and real-time decision making, and a standardization of global services.

Cloud software often allows developers to deliver new features in a timely manner. Take Talkdesk’s new AppConnect marketplace, which allows clients to add new tech features to their call center. As the world’s first enterprise app store, clients are offered new contact center solutions with free trials, one-click install, and pay-as-you-go billing. Beyond the dozens of integrations with popular business tools, AppConnect opens the door for any developer to build on Talkdesk, adding to the suite of possibilities exponentially.

It’s a seismic shift in thinking, and it makes sense: Clients can scale up in seconds and pay only for what they use, saving time and reducing costs. The software is often easier to use, making it simpler to provide top-tier customer support. And when you’re talking about great support, well, that’s where we come in. To maintain A-grade service, ModSquad integrates our teams into a client’s current operations by working with whatever solution they’re most comfortable. Because we adopt the solutions our clients have in place, we’re in a prime position to notice trends in the support software ecosystem. When you consider the benefits of browser-based services—flexible packages, improved service, with no equipment necessary—it’s no wonder so many of today’s support teams have their heads in the cloud.

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