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Make the Most of Your Customer Data with Zendesk and ModSquad

Many companies power their customer experience with a strong CRM tool, which manages customer data and can bring all customer communication into one hub. But to get the most out of customer relationships, businesses rely on analytics. Diving into the numbers allows companies to rapidly identify and address issues and opportunities. With precise insights, brands can get a more in-depth analysis of the customer’s journey and learn more about how they engage with the company. Using this information to create a tailor-made experience is likely to increase customer satisfaction (and, ultimately, revenue).

One way to achieve this is through the use of Explore, the new analytics tool from the customer service software giant Zendesk. Explore replaces Zendesk’s legacy Insights reporting software. Over the past months, we’ve been helping clients migrate over to Explore (before Insights is removed on February 5, 2021) and have had great success using the tool to create custom reports for clients.

ModSquad’s Enterprise Applications Manager Josh Smith explains why clients appreciate the upgrade. “Explore is an advanced analytics tool that’s incredibly robust,” he says. “We can go far beyond creating data based on the default information that’s captured in Zendesk. When we create custom fields or custom tags, the sky’s the limit on the different types of reports that can be generated.”

By integrating with the Zendesk suite of tools (starting with Zendesk Sunshine), Explore users can make the most of the software to get true omnichannel analytics and clear visibility into the customer experience via customizable dashboards. And you’d be hard-pressed to find a more qualified Zendesk Partner than ModSquad. “We go way, way back with Zendesk,” says Smith. “We’ve implemented or worked on hundreds of Zendesk instances, and we’ve worked on Zendesk reporting in every industry you can think of.” That wealth of experience means ModSquad understands use cases in ways that other outsourcers or partners won’t. Notes Smith, “We often make recommendations to clients for things they wouldn’t otherwise know to consider, because we’ve done this with so many clients.”

This combination — ModSquad’s unparalleled Zendesk experience and its expertise in so many different verticals — is invaluable to clients. “As experts in numerous industries, we know what clients are looking for. We offer insight into things that can make their lives easier in the long run. We’ve found that information overload can be a real problem with these tools if you don’t tailor the content to the right audience,” says Smith.

ModSquad clients understand the benefits of having the Mods optimize their Zendesk configuration to provide customized data versus the standard pre-built dashboards. Michael Bradd-Koger, ModSquad’s Sr. Project Manager, notes the benefits of this work. “Optimizing their setup goes far beyond improving the dashboard’s aesthetics and making it easier to read,” he says. “We make information more digestible to users who are distributing the data from Explore to executives within their organization. We highlight and organize specific custom metrics. This makes the data more targeted and understandable, especially for users who are never in the Zendesk instance.”

That’s the key to success with Explore. Users glean insights based on one of Zendesk’s most comprehensive tools, but presented in a clean, simple interface. Add ModSquad’s decade-plus of knowledge attained as the most prolific Zendesk installer outside of Zendesk itself, and the result is a powerful tool made even more valuable via Mod insights. It’s a potent combination that will help push your customer experience above and beyond.

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