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Look Who’s Celebrating 10-Year Milestones at ModSquad

A lot can happen in a decade. Think back to 2011. We said hello to newlyweds William and Kate, Taylor Swift’s Instagram account, and the mad fad known as planking. We also said goodbye to Harry Potter movies, Oprah Winfrey’s talk show, and Apple founder Steve Jobs.

A lot can happen in 10 years in our own lives as well. Many of us will have changed jobs a time or two. But sometimes you find a great job that truly speaks to you, and when you’ve got a good thing going, you want it to last.

We’re proud to bring you profiles of some special people who are celebrating 10-year milestones here at ModSquad. Some have been with us for a decade, while others’ ModSquad history goes back even further, having begun as Mods but now commemorating 10 years as a company employee. We know great talent when we see it, and we’re delighted to have had these people in the ModSquad fold for so long. After all, it’s people like this who make this company what it is.

Starting Role: Content Moderation Mod
Current Role: Senior Project Manager (celebrating 10 years as an employee)
Home Base: Florida

Favorite ModSquad memory:
I was at a convention with Rich Weil, Linda Carlson, and a host of other titans in the industry that I’m part of. As we were eating dinner and chatting, one of the group members pointed out to me that these are also my peers, not just people I look up to on a constant basis. That’s the memory I come back to the most.

How colleagues would describe Brian:
I would hope it would be as a hard worker, an ally, a shoulder to lean on, a mentor, and a mentee. But let’s be honest: It’s probably as the loud, color-blind guy with the sound effects! Fwaa fwaa fwaaaaaa!

Proudest moment at ModSquad:
There are many! Being named both Project Manager of the Quarter and Bestofus Festivus really stand out as super meaningful moments. Being part of our Extra Life efforts has also been an absolute pleasure. And I’ve gotten to work with some wonderfully awesome people — both clients and coworkers.

What 10 years at ModSquad means to Brian:
An insane amount of growth, personally and professionally, from everyone that’s been around for this long. Watching ModSquad, friends, and clients grow has been an absolute pleasure. 

Starting Role: QA Tester
Current Role: Project Manager
Home Base: California

Favorite ModSquad memory:
When I worked at the Sacramento Operations Center, we had opportunities to plan in-person events for our coworkers. Getting to know each other on a more casual level was a great experience that I really enjoyed.

Proudest moment at ModSquad:
With the pandemic, last year was like no other. I was project managing for an online classroom software client, and it was back-to-school season. The volume during that time reached unprecedented new heights. Working with my Account Manager, we staffed a lot of new Mods on short notice and had to make quick decisions and innovations to cover the volume. I was very proud of everyone involved, and the client was extremely pleased and appreciative of our efforts.

What 10 years at ModSquad means to Andrew:
In 2011, I was doing my best to listen to advice and feedback from my managers on how to solve problems. Today, I’m the one giving that advice from my own experience. I never really thought of myself as a leader back then, but now I understand the value of the ability to organize people. I still know that the most valuable skill in my toolkit is the ability to keep listening and keep taking that feedback.

Starting/Current Role: International Mod Contractor
Home Base: Quebec

Favorite ModSquad memory:
One project involved a website that was aimed at disadvantaged kids who would share their stories online. One of our jobs was to moderate the website to make sure that those kids were heard, safe, and validated. When we would occasionally get notes from the client expressing thanks to the Mods for saving one of the kids, it really stuck with me.

How colleagues would describe Marcel:
A funny guy who likes to share pictures of his kids and his dog, and who is always ready to help with a question on Slack.

What 10 years at ModSquad means to Marcel:
As someone who has been on the internet since 4800 baud dial-up speeds were a big deal, I always knew there were people moderating bulletin boards. But at the time, they were just faceless beings that didn’t really exist. Later, I thought moderating was a relatively easy job; just set up rules and enforce them. Now, I’ve worked on dozens of projects, from giant multinational corporations to small startups, and I’ve seen firsthand how our interactions with customers and the information we can provide to clients can be incredibly meaningful to them.

Starting Role: Mod
Current Role: Project Manager (celebrating 10 years as an employee)
Home Base: Michigan

Favorite ModSquad memory:
My family and I were able to attend ModSquad’s 10th-anniversary party at the Austin Operations Center a few years ago. After working remotely for so long, it was great to finally meet so many colleagues in person!

Proudest moment at ModSquad:
It makes me really proud to see Mods I have mentored later apply for and become managers themselves. I had a few managers help mentor me to attain my goals, so I want to do that for others.

Working at ModSquad:
My late father always tried to understand my line of work, but really couldn’t grasp the idea. He told people I was in cybersecurity and made it sound like I was part of the CIA, as a secret agent or something!

What 10 years at ModSquad means to Kelly:
It doesn’t feel like 10 years. When you enjoy your job and everyone you work with, time just flies by!

Join us in congratulating our honorees; please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Talk Back

Posted on September 3, 2021

Nice job, guys! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Gina Miller
Posted on September 2, 2021

I’m sad that I’ve only met 1/2 of these wonderful coworkers IRL, but I’ve really enjoyed working with them over the last decade! Here’s to the next one! w00t w00t

Sheryl Thompson
Posted on September 2, 2021


Susie South
Posted on September 2, 2021

Congratulations, Team! We’re all better because of you.

Posted on September 2, 2021

Congratz on a decade everyone!

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