Life Hacks: Dare to address the small things!

unnamedThere’s an age old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” That saying does not apply to my life.  I am a huge fan of tinkering with everything I see. Even if something works, I know I can fiddle with it and make it better!

If this behavior sounds familiar, and you are also a fellow tinkerer, then you should participate in sharing your life hacks in our comments section below (we’re eager to read). If you’re unfamiliar with the art of life hacks (clever tactics for fixing everyday small annoyances) then let me explain further. Using nothing more than household items, you can fashion “a fix” for just about anything that bugs you. It’s about having some fun, engaging your creative thought-process, and addressing the not-so-big issues in life.

unnamed-2Soda cans or water bottles taking up too much room in the fridge? No worries! With a few paper clips, you can build an epic pyramid of cans in the fridge that won’t topple over. Do I need a pyramid of cans in my fridge? Nope, probably not, but I will do it because now I know how and it’s cool!

There are literally thousands of Life Hacks posted everywhere on the net, and they cover everything from your office needs to food and drink issues. I love them all and find myself using many of them everyday.  For example, I was tired of my mousepad slipping and bunching up, so now it is velcroed to my desk.

You can find some really cool ideas at  Pinterest is notorious for clever life hacks, and the community is always sharing more.  Additionally, there are some great great ideas on Youtube, like shown in this video:

Just remember to be creative and have fun!

Andy Cronin
Project Manager

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Caitlin Rogers
Posted on February 26, 2014

oh geez. That velcro your cord to the desk idea just saved me a lot of future headache.

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