Virtual worlds for kids inspire new generation of bloggers

"We're only getting HOW many coins? I'm so blogging about this"

"We're only getting HOW many coins? I'm so blogging about this."

As kids begin to focus their attention online, specifically towards virtual worlds, we’re seeing a large movement of kids participating in the blogosphere. These young bloggers create online content based around their favorite virtual world by posting cheats, news and pictures.

Essentially, the kids act as reporters for the virtual world by taking screenshots of parties and events in addition to reporting on various issues in the world. They are skilled in creating YouTube videos (from music videos to tutorials) and embedding them into a blog post to share with their friends.

These children are growing up in an era where blogs are taking over newspapers and are the base of online content distribution. Even though they’re young, they actively contribute to their online communities by creating a recorded history of the worlds they help create. Their audience is easy to capture since the content is relevant to a large, potential reader base they interact with regularly.

In fact, some kid bloggers have developed such a large following that emerging virtual world sites have entered into financial partnerships with them in order to reach their fanbase. Their star power and celebrity status have inspired other children to create blogs of their own, hoping to attract the same level of readership.

While they will eventually grow too old to continue blogging about their favorite virtual world, these budding bloggers are learning valuable skills they can take with them to the next level as they develop their interests and associations. In the meantime, they are having a blast and engaging their online interests in a healthy and entertaining way.

-Chase Straight

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