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Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 12.20.12 PMIt’s Thursday, it’s October, and the exciting digital frontier continues to provide some interesting news!  Here’s some of the latest tidbits that you might be interested in checking out (and why):

  1. When a kid’s online conversation is cause for concern (and what to do)
    Sarah Evans, from, has a really great post about key factors you should be aware of regarding your child’s online explorations.  Now, while we don’t want to create a nation of panicked parents, we do desperately need a nation of informed or ever-curious parents.  Make yourself aware of key behaviors and signals for online behaviors and interactions! This post is just one of many in the world made to help YOU – a parent, guardian, concerned adult, teacher, mentor, coach, caregiver – access the right information.
  2. 5 Tips to Help Your Child Safely Navigate Social Media
    Speaking of families, knowledge, and safety… here’s five great tips to review again and again and again with your family.  We, at Metaverse, cannot stress enough how important this information is to your children (and you).  Tips like these should be active mantras in your household.  We see the chat logs and behaviors of our youth… we know that every child (no matter HOW brilliant and well behaved) has a bad day, and can make a mistake — that’s part of growing up.  Having safety mantras and regular family discussions about digital behaviors and activities provides the key reinforcements to healthy digital practices and success.
  3. FiLIP is an electronic leash for your kids wrists and its coming to AT&A
    Tired of your kid spending all of his or her time online, and not outside — yet, fearful of the dangers that lurk beyond your backyard fence? Well, now you can electronically leash them!  Whether this is right or wrong, this technology exists and can be purchased by you.  I am very curious to see an argument about the pros and cons for tracking methods like this!
  4. Disney invents touchscreen that lets you feel textures
    Yes. Let’s repeat that – touchscreen that lets you FEEL textures! Man oh man, Imagineers never cease to amaze.  Using electronic pulses, you can run your figures across your iPad or tablet (or smart phone) and feel the shape and contour of whatever object is on display.  MIND. BLOWN.  This will create a whole new world of educational possibilities for classrooms – don’t have a fossil on hand? No worries, google it and let the children feel it’s shape on your tablet.  Simple amazing.  This about what this might do for the blind?!!!
  5. It’s national Bologna day!
    Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 11.34.28 AMIn honor of this strange meat product, the clever folks at Oscar Mayer are looking to create viral videos using Vine (reminiscent of the YouTube response videos a few years back from Old Spice).  It’s a clever social media campaign, and a great use of Vine!  Check it out, and maybe tweet them with the hashtag #GoingBologna! Perhaps yours will be one of the next videos made?
  6. Here’s what a Pinterest ad looks like
    It was only a matter of time!  Pinterest has an interesting, and creative, following.  Sooner or later the folks at Pinterest would have to incorporate ads (got to monetize, after all).  They’re not too intrusive, which is great.  Are Pinterest ads smart for your company? For your product strategy?  We can help illuminate your chances and opportunities, and even build those campaign plans for you! Just say hi: [email protected].
  7. Why Remote Teams are the Future (and How to Make Them Work)
    We, at Metaverse Mod Squad, excel at building virtual teams – both internally (as we’re all virtual in a sense) and externally (for rad clients like YOU).  If you’re thinking about building a team and don’t know if the “remote” path is for you, this is a great post to check out.  And then, give us a call or ping us with an email.  We’ll manage your live, audience-facing teams for you.  We love it.
  8. The New Face of Influence – Why Citizens and Brands Are About to Connect
    Are you a non-celeb, but you’ve amassed a large amount of followers?  Raynforest, a soon-to-launch virtual marketplace that seeks to connect companies and online influencers.  Mommy, Daddy, and Super bloggers have now paved the way for the next-gen of viral personalities.  I’ve been watching the popularly for content created by YouTubers and Viners and Instagramers for quite some time now.  While YouTube has been leveraging talent for channel development, this new marketplace could provide another opportunity for content-creators and popular digital entities to make profit beyond GoogleAds. This could get interesting!
  9. For Funsies: Rollin’ Wild
    I came across this on my favorite random site “One Cool Thing A Day” a bit ago, and still get the chuckles thinking about the endearing silliness of this short video.  Would be a great product for licensing…
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